Seamless underwear manufacturer, customers leave and return, ingor knitting achieves these 3 points

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-19
Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has been a seamless underwear manufacturer for 17 years. I often hear the boss of the company saying that the most important customer produced seamless underwear with us two years ago, and then transferred to another underwear factory. What is all this happening because of?

Many customers who have cooperated with other underwear manufacturers choose other underwear manufacturers because the factory has a long ordering period and the delivery time is more competitive, so they choose other underwear manufacturers; it is also possible that they choose other underwear manufacturers because of certain quality problems or payment problems. Underwear manufacturers; more because of the price of underwear processing. In particular, many customers of pure foreign trade companies are used to looking for some underwear manufacturers online or at stalls, and the same product is sent to different factories to compare prices. Which underwear factory offers the cheapest price.

This is also understandable, especially in Guangzhou, because Guangzhou defines the small commodity market, and the production and processing of underwear is also a pillar industry in Guangzhou. Many customers think that Guangzhou is the production and processing of low-priced products, so they are used to asking this underwear manufacturer. Home Bibi. I always think that it can be cheaper and find a more convenient underwear manufacturer.

Indeed, in recent years, the underwear processing industry has faced many challenges. Many underwear manufacturers have declined orders and lost customers. In order to grab customer orders, some small-scale underwear manufacturers choose to fight price wars, win orders in order to win orders, and choose to cut corners in the process of producing and processing underwear, substitute materials, and omit details of parts, etc.  …

Many customers have encountered such a problem. In cooperation with these small underwear manufacturers, the quality of the underwear produced in the first batch is not bad. Later, it is not the delivery time that cannot be guaranteed, or the quality of the production is defective. particularly serious.

Many customers find us ingorsports and choose to cooperate with us. We not only give customers the price of underwear products processed in our factory, but also give customers value for money service experience. Worries, solve the worries of customers.

1. Many customers will find some similar products on the Internet that are produced and processed by our ingorsports underwear factory. Compared with our price, our products are more expensive than others. We will let the customer bring his bulk products, combined with professional knowledge, to analyze the difference in our prices on the spot. For example, the same sports bra style can be analyzed in terms of workmanship details and fabric selection. We can see the difference by weighing the same product on the gram weight, and then take out the bra pads to compare, good bra pads and poor bra pads Compare the feel and smell the smell to know the difference.

2. Empathy, heart-to-heart! We ingorsports have always insisted on empathy with our customers, and on some professional issues, we have given our customers correct and free consultative guidance and professional advice. For example, if a customer needs to change some points of an underwear, we tell him how to change it more reasonably and really solve the customer's worries.

3. Listen attentively and serve customers with sincerity. Many customers have many demands when they choose underwear manufacturers to cooperate, leave and return. Because of delivery time, payment methods, etc., the practice we insist on ingorsports will provide customers with convenient conditions under the best possible conditions. For some professional problems of customers, ingorsports service staff will also find professionals to communicate directly with customers. Two days ago, a client designed an underwear by himself. There is no sample, only the pattern. It is theoretically feasible, but the actual processing and production are difficult to achieve. At the beginning, ingorsports gave him advice. He did not believe it, and asked many underwear manufacturers. Back to find ingorsports, senior designers of ingorsports combined with the existing similar styles of the underwear factory, gave professional guidance, and finally the customer listened to our opinions and cooperated with our underwear factory.

Manufacturers of underwear, how to make customers come back? Underwear manufacturers should be sincere, patient, and grateful. It is really important to compare one's heart to one's heart. Many times customers abandon and invest in others because you have not done a good job in one of them! In fact, for this kind of repeat customer, as long as maintenance and service are done well, his loyalty to underwear manufacturers will not be shaken in the future!

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