Seamless underwear factory talks about women's underwear material selection skills

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-19
When it comes to women's underwear materials currently used in our seamless underwear factory ingorsports, there are dozens of kinds, the conventional ones are nylon, spandex, modal, polyester, AB yarn, wood pulp cotton, combed cotton, wrapped yarn, bamboo Carbon, bamboo fiber, lace, cool silk and other materials, each material is applied to women's underwear with different functional characteristics and different prices. When we buy women's underwear, we should also choose women's underwear of different materials according to our actual situation!

1. If you are a woman who loves sports and sweats a lot, seamless underwear factory ingorsports recommends you to choose women's underwear made of cotton or polyester fiber. This type of women's underwear has moisture absorption, quick drying, etc. Object point, very suitable for sports-loving MM to wear. For example, our ingorsports seamless underwear factory has developed many such sports bras, which are very popular among customers.

2. If you have an indeterminate waist and love to sweat, seamless underwear factory ingorsports recommends that you choose the 95% cotton + 5% lycra (spandex) fabric for women's underwear, and add a certain amount of lycra Make women's underwear more elastic.

3. For women who are prone to skin allergies, they can choose the safer and more environmentally friendly modal underwear for women.

4. Women's underwear made of materials such as nylon or lycra has the characteristics of easy cleaning and good air permeability. It is more suitable for those who travel frequently and travel with them.

5. If you are in a humid environment, you can choose the kind of women's underwear made of bamboo fiber, which has a good moisture absorption effect and is safer and more environmentally friendly.

The women's underwear produced and processed by our ingorsports seamless underwear factory is made of safer and more environmentally friendly materials, basically using the raw materials of the Israeli company established in Suzhou and the materials supplied by the listed company Huading. Free of formaldehyde, the color fastness is above grade 4, and the product meets the export standards of Europe and the United States.

So what color is better for women's underwear?

ingorsports seamless underwear factory generally recommends that when purchasing women's underwear, it is not easy to choose colors that are too bright. Regular colors such as black, white and skin color should be the first choice!

About how to choose materials for women's underwear, I hope that the sharing of seamless underwear factory ingorsports today will inspire you! For more knowledge about women's underwear, you can continue to follow our ingorsports news!

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