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Seamless underwear factory reminds: these 4 points of women's underwear cannot be ignored

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-19
Guangzhou ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years, and also processes and produces high-quality seamless women's underwear, body-shaping women's underwear, etc.! As MM underwear for women, it directly affects the health of MM! The seamless underwear factory ingorsports will talk about it again today. Women's underwear MM also pay attention to these 4 points that you can't ignore!

The importance of women's underwear to MM In the previous article, ingorsports seamless underwear factory reminds you that you must not wear such women's underwear! I also briefly mentioned some special reminders that MM should change women's pants frequently!

1. Women's underwear should be washed by hand as often as possible!

With the improvement of modern living standards, basically women or men will have washing machines, saving trouble and not having to wash by hand. However, ingorsports seamless underwear factory specially reminds MM that women's underwear is in close contact with special physiological parts. For the cleaning of underwear, it is best to wash it by hand. Because the washing machine is best to have a separate washing machine for women's underwear, because the conventional washing machine is mixed with other clothes, it is easy to cause external pathogenic bacteria to spread to women's underwear, and it is easy to affect health!

2. Women's panties should be kept dry!

After washing, women's underwear must be cooled in time, exposed to sunlight, and sterilized by ultraviolet rays. Nowadays, many women work and live outside. Because of life reasons, the environmental conditions of women's underwear may be limited, and they can be dried directly in the shade. Ingorsports seamless underwear factory suggests that women's underwear should still be kept dry. You can use our usual hair dryer or iron to dry it before wearing it. In addition, women's underwear is not easy to dry in the bathroom, because the bathroom is inherently humid, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Hanging women's panties are susceptible to infection.

3. Change women's underwear frequently, it is recommended to change it once a day.

Change underwear frequently, especially girls should change women's underwear frequently, because the body secretes a lot of sweat every day, and women's underwear and underwear are easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, ingorsports seamless underwear factory also reminded MM that it is best to wash the women's underwear in time, and the women's underwear that cannot be washed in time can be placed in a storage box separately from other clothes.

4. Prepare several separate sets of women's underwear during menstruation!

The monthly menstrual period of adult women, ingorsports seamless underwear factory recommends that you can prepare several pieces of women's underwear separately, and it is not easy to mix them with the women's underwear that you usually wear.

Of course, combined with the previous article, ingorsports seamless underwear factory reminds you that you must not wear such women's underwear! For your health, ingorsports seamless underwear reminds you again that the second best friend of women's underwear MM should really change, wash, and replace frequently, and buy more cotton women's underwear at the same time!

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