schoolboy, 15, who wore a sports bra in class after becoming \'angry and upset\' with how a girl was disciplined by their teacher for wearing one \'gets sent home\'

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-17
A 15-year-
It is said that the old boy was sent home by the school for uniting with a female classmate and wearing a sports bra.
Boys Raymond Dean and three friends choose to wear underpants into Hugh Baird 14-
At a university in Butel, Merseyside, a female student was disciplined for wearing a sports bra and sent home.
His 36-year-old mother, Kim Deane, explained that her son was \"angry and upset\" about the treatment the girl received and came up with the idea of wearing a sports bra to show protest.
She said: \"Raymond thinks the girl should be taken aside and spoken in front of everyone, not disciplined.
He felt uneasy because he thought it was a shame on the girl who was already insecure.
Without Mrs. Dean\'s knowledge, Raymond came home from school and asked her sister and her friend to wear a sports bra at school the next day.
She claimed that the four students were isolated and were told to either take off their sports bra and go back to the classroom or risk being sent home.
Mrs. Dean continued: \"His friends took them all away and then went back to class, but he was sent home without it.
The girl walked past the isolation room and smiled, he said.
If he took it off, he said, his position would be meaningless.
Mrs. Dean said she was \"proud\" of her son for standing up for the female student \".
She said: \"I didn\'t know until I received a picture of what he did.
But I am very proud of him for the young girls who may have been insecure to stand up.
\"I know the teacher has to send him home because the girl has been sent home, but I don\'t think she should be sent home in the first place.
Hugh Baird is for students who are not suitable for other schools and are allowed to punch and pink hair --
So why not sport bra?
A spokesman for Hugh Baird College said that although there is no school uniform in the school, students should \"dress properly \".
Olen Owen, dean of the college, said: \"While we don\'t insist on having students wear school uniforms, we prepare them for the world of work by teaching them employment skills.
\"This includes making sure they understand the right clothes in different environments.
\"We continue to reinforce our expectations of decent dressing at the university and are pleased that the parents and guardians of most of our students support our ethos.
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