saying it with flowers: why floral fragrances are still the choice of many

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-21
The flowers are still the best
Perfume sales worldwide.
Flowers have always been synonymous with the world of fragrance, and it is difficult to imagine that the fragrance without any floral elements will be constructed.
The trend of perfume, like fashion, changes like season, just re-examine in different forms and aspects.
According to Ozmoz
Com, the trend of 2013/2014 is more udder and wood fragrance, while the flower fragrance ranks fourth.
According to its study of international boutique perfumes, fashion and design, the trend report of seven incense shows that 2014/25 of people will see the return of roses, as well as the strong smells of saffron and udder. ()
Still, the flower language is still very popular, whether they move up or down on the perfume charts, they are still the best --
Sell perfume on the market.
The classic French floral perfume is usually very strong and even intoxicating.
However, today\'s perfumers rely on technological advances and modern methods to find new ways to create scents and come up with amazing new compositions.
Due to the supply of raw materials and synthetic materials, some people are even able to come up with imaginary floral notes, for example, Givenchy\'s powdery Dahlia Noir is centered on a flower that does not exist.
Chanel was ahead of the times in 1921, as it ran counter to the trend of perfume in that period.
Most scents are then concentrated on a particular flower, such as rose, jasmine, or clove (
This smell is called soliflore in French)But no Chanel.
5 A composition of 80 ingredients, none of which is particularly obvious.
The perfumer Ernest bokes created Chanel No.
Full of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vanilla without any obvious taste.
The signature scent was re-used in 1986, when it was not.
Chanel\'s perfume was created by the famous Chanel perfumer Jacques Boger, who retained the main Flowers of May rose, jasmine and ylang
Ilan, there are subtle updates.
He then introduced the Eau Premiere in 2007, softening the essence of the original No. 5. Chanel No.
Still the most famous and best in the world
Still selling perfume today.
Floral perfume is still the mainstay of the Chanel family, but since then it has grown to include other perfume families and innovations.
For example, a Chance tentendre, consisting of Iris, Cedar, Amber, letter and grapefruit-
The fruit flavor of kunsi is full, while the Coco lady of Sicilian orange, bergamot, Rose, wide ouli fragrance, fragrant grass and vanilla tends to the Oriental family.
Polge was quoted as saying: \"Instead of a correct note that gives off a scent, it mixes notes that complement each other, and that\'s why Coco Mademoiselle became one of the top --
Chanel perfume.
\"Trudi Loren, senior vice president of perfume development for Estee Lauder company Aramis and designer perfume global, fruit-flavored floral fragrance is still very popular worldwide because they are easy to understand and more popular.
\"Fortunately, we are now seeing more kinds of scents in the market, and with the individual culture and region pandering, Wood notes, chypre buildings and EastEnders play a bigger role
A good example is DKNY\'s popular delicious and fresh flowers, as there are clear floral notes on the bottom of both perfumes.
Neither is too dark, neither is too heavy, nor is it too notable, which works well both in terms of culture and climate.
The delicious fruity taste also resonates with Asian consumers.
\"The Green Apple is not too sticky and sweet, but with the support of Lily and rose petals in the valley, it provides more bubble top notes, so the overall feeling is fresh and young, trends in bottles and packaging.
Apple blossoms and rose petals create a fresh feel of pink and spring in fresh flowers, very crisp and young.
People wearing these perfumes are refreshed (
We don\'t like to equate it with a certain age of time)
\"Their way of life is casual and fresh, modern,\" Loren said . \".
Loren further explained that, for example, in the signature perfume of Coach, Mimosa plays an integral role in providing the texture and volume of the bouquet without being too excited and heavy.
\"Mimosa is a tricky ingredient in perfume.
In nature, it is beautiful, ethereal, it will send out a burst of sunshine when it is in full bloom in winter;
However, the raw material itself must be combined in a way that does not become too opaque and powdery, \"she added.
Christian Dior Parfums uses key flowers like Chanel, but later the unique nuances associated with Dior create a completely different perfume.
Its first fragrance, Miss Dior, made its debut in 1947, it has a garden in which the flowers make up Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, Orange, daffodil, Iris, carnations and lilies in the valley.
But it also has a good balance between citrus and wood, and is considered the world\'s first green condensed milk fragrance.
Some of Dior\'s best-
Sell well
Well-known perfumes, such as J\'Adore, Poison, Dior Addict, are deeply influenced by their floral fragrance.
However, newer versions such as hypnotized poison and the new Dior Addict offer a mix of vanilla, balm and resin such as tonka bean, coumarin or opopanax, which makes the perfume more Oriental.
Francois demage, Dior\'s perfumer, once said: \"Flowers are supreme in Dior . \".
He gave an example.
\"Miss Dior\'s bouquet of flowers is adhering to this letter.
Its elegant composition is an invitation to the delicate spring bouquet, revealing the soft feel of the gentle notes.
\"Miss Dior\'s Blooming bouquet is delicate, delicate and floral, and is a unique symbol scattered around peony accord.
A harmonious composition that gently enhances the essence of Sicilian mandarin and Rose based on soft cushion white musk.
This is a silky carved perfume.
Not a positive invitation, but a halo like a halo.
This is a \"cocoon\" fragrance with extreme elegance that is soft.
Today, soft floral and fresh fruity flavors are the best sold in Asia, especially.
However, the traditional floral fragrance is rich and heavy. they have a loyal fan base and continue to enjoy strong market influence around the world.
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