sarah hyland showcases her gym-toned abs in sports bra and tight leggings after working out

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-22
She celebrated her birthday. year-
Anniversary of the weekend with boyfriend Wells Adams.
But when Sarah Hailan left the gym in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, she was alone. The 27-year-
The old actress showed off her hard work.
Wear a neon green strap on a gray sports bra to get a toned abs.
Sarah\'s long legs look like a pair of black leggings, and there are pure patches above her knees.
The Modern Family star is wearing a pair of dark running shoes and a green headband and a full range of sportswear.
Her dark hair was pulled back to a messy bun, and as she walked along the Boulevard, there was a focused look in her eyes.
A huge brown bag hangs on one shoulder, and a white nylon jacket with blue and red stripes is tied around the waist.
She had a small black watch on her wrist and a gold pendant necklace right above her collarbone.
Hailan has been working hard in the gym recently.
Just last week, she jokingly admitted to nude exercise, as it prompted her to work harder in the hope of getting abs like pop star Duva Lippa.
\"So, before something else happens, I have a break now and anyone else likes to work naked in front of the mirror so you hate yourself and work harder?
Hailan questioned her.
Fans 8 million. \'Seriously.
I suggest you all do it.
Because you are in front of the mirror, you will say, \"there must be the Duva Lippa abs!
\"Salah\'s outing to the studios on Wednesday was just a few days ago when she and Wells had arrived at their home --
Anniversary Milestone
Before dating Bachelor national citizen Wells, she had a relationship with actress Dominic Sherwood.
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