Rude officers, seized items and touchy pat downs top CATSA complaints list

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-12
Sometimes it doesn\'t take too much to make air travelers crazy.
Last year, a passenger was very annoyed after the airport security department seized their container full of banana mud and they sent an email to the Air Transport Canada Security Agency (CATSA)
Confuse the incident with national identity.
\"Bananas are allowed, which is unfair and does not add to Canada,\" they wrote . \".
This is just one of hundreds of complaints that went to Royal last year via email or phone.
A copy of 2017 complaints was obtained under the Access to Information Act.
The most common complaint people have about their politeness is a complaint about the attitude of officials.
Most of the people who wrote were upset about the \"power push\" CATSA officer \"taking a mean attitude towards customer service\" and asked for sympathy.
\"The unacceptable conduct of your security personnel is a serious flaw in Canada\'s international reputation,\" one complainant wrote . \".
Passengers reported that there were more than 80 minutes of waiting to pass the security check at shacon airport, and 80% of passengers were confident about the security check at the airport. internal government surveys showed that as the waiting time of passengers increased, the airline paid millions of dollars for extra security. \"I travel with two live animals, and the agent shakes like a basketball,\" the other claims. \"Please teach [your]
The agent was a little sympathetic.
\"Others have recorded more serious allegations, including racial profiling, inappropriate strikes and comments on gender discrimination.
One passenger claimed that an officer used N-
Words when talking to colleagues
About their Christmas party.
When one official commented on her clothing selection, the other was particularly upset.
\"The agent told me that I should wear a sports bra for my next trip so that I don\'t have to queue up for security checks for extra screening because I can\'t get through the metal detector due to the wires in my bra, she wrote.
\"I often fly. I choose underwear. no one is my business except mine.
\"Another complainant was injured when the waiter criticized their tattoo.
\"What about when you were 70?
\"It will look ugly,\" she allegedly told the passenger while scanning his body.
In a jam on jamSome, passengers were blocked by their knives, scissors and alcohol bottles. (
Canada has some kind of restriction on liquids, gels and aerosol since 2006)
One complainant wrote after their mother\'s Disney Snowball was confiscated: \"congratulate you, you just made my mother cry . \".
\"You were able to completely destroy the period of her life in Canada.
You should be very proud.
\"A family wrote when asking to replace their kirpan, a ceremonial dagger that is important to Sikh faith.
At the end of 2017, Transport Canada updated the list of prohibited items, allowing the use of 6 cm or less blades in all domestic and international flights, except for the United StatesS.
Two passengers had a dispute with an official who confiscated the jam (
Strawberries and blueberries, respectively)
It is considered that it should not fall within the limits of a liquid, aerosol, or gel.
\"In Canada, how ignored it is to waste food --
Blueberry Jam lovers wrote: \"It\'s a pity.
It is clear that rude behavior is two kinds of behavior. way street.
A passenger complained after carrying it.
They looked for suspicious items in their bags, claiming it was a book.
They turned to the guard and replied, \"I\'m sure you don\'t know much about these.
\"These complaints represent only a small proportion of the total number of passengers handled by CATSA each year.
The agency said it handled more than 66 million of the 2017 Passengers2018 year.
In an email to the CBC, Suzanne Perseo wrote: \"All complaints are taken seriously and investigated by our customer satisfaction team. CATSA says one-
The third of all complaints is considered conclusive.
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