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ronda rousey\'s wrestlemania performance exceeds expectations

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-27
Ronda Rousey won her first wrestling match, won the respect of the fans, and separated from the other women\'s divisions during the match.
Although Luxi and partner Kurt Angel submitted the arm bar and ankle lock they submitted at the same time to Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H at the end of the game, Sunday night, its Superdome in New Orleans did not end like this.
The end is what it should be.
The former UFC star was screaming in his eyes.
Apologize to McMahon with fear
Lucy tried to finally pull the hand held by the former general manager (
Cameras zoom in on them)
Until she finally tore her right arm enough to give in immediately.
While the victory was expected, the moment was true and both women sold well --
Sitting in the front row is Dana White, former boss of Luxi, president of UFC.
Unexpectedly, Rousey mixed it up with Triple H because male and female superstars don\'t usually interact on rings like these two.
In a real mixed label match
This is off very quickly.
The opposite sex usually leaves the ring immediately when the other party is marked, which sometimes limits body movements.
Instead, at some point, it was only her and 14-
With the era world champion ring, Lucy raises his fist and jumps on one side, just like the octagonal Melissa Tate is across from her.
The former UFC women\'s bantamweight champion finally knocked a smug three-man H in the corner with a punch, grabbed his kick attempt and ended up with Samoan
Seeing her lift up all the 256 pounds-pound H caused a huge reaction from the announced 78,133-pound crowd.
Lucy later struck back at his powerful bomb attempt with sweet hurricanrana and threw himself at an arm bar.
Moments like this indicate that WWE will show Rousey that the normal rules of female wrestlers are not fully applicable.
It\'s a good thing when you try to elevate the women\'s revolution to a new level.
She is a badass willing and capable to fight men and women
Well done in this regard.
Lucy passed her first one.
High score ring test.
You can see that those extensive training sessions are rewarded.
Although her movements are not always smooth, they look very credible.
Her counter showed her judo technique and WWE gave her a high enough level
Hit the pop crowd of things.
Realize your dreams ahead of time.
When Rousey stepped down the ramp, she was wearing a \"noisy\" Roddy Piper jacket, white sports bra, noisy on the front, short skirt
Like a dress, when she walked into the crowd, she smiled and waved with a childish smile.
The place broke out when the angle finally marked Rousey into the race.
She rushed out of the field like MMA referee \"Big\" John McCarthy and started a game.
Lucy flipped McMahon over to the ring, dressed her up, and added a suplex.
In the end, Luxi\'s face turned red, adding a little unexpected Gray.
The race and the moment did what it had to do, and in some ways, like her commitment to sales, exceeded them.
WWE and Rousey can build on this.
The foundation has been determined that the ceiling is as high as we all hope.
The article first appeared in The New York Post.
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