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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-07-06
Ralph Lauren is known in the designers business enterprise. For its classical design up to only using the best design, Ralph Lauren depicts the luxurious concept of sports lifestyle. With his well known clothing brand the olo Ralph Lauren. He sponsored the sport called 'Polo', it can be a team sport played outdoors on horseback in that this objective is to score goals against an opposing team. The logo of this clothing brand is inspired by this sport. 'It's the sport of kings,' said David Lauren, a son of Ralph Lauren and the marketing and communications executive for Polo Ralph Lauren. By this, he gathered more sponsors to promote his product because he believe that 'Polo the sport has an international sensibility, and it's glamorous.' An overall sensibility because Polo sport is type of sports that only rich or prominent people can manage and keep on many of these sports. In this concept, Ralph Lauren clothing line was introduced all around the globe for its reputable background of sponsoring a games of Kings which means a game for rich people. Through the personality handling by the brand Polo Ralph Lauren, people around the world embrace the brand because from the uniqueness and reputation of prominent people wear this kind of clothing brands.But the relationship between Polo Ralph Lauren and the sport has became complicated. In training module decade, Ralph Lauren has sued the United States Polo Association for trademark violations, By using the the word 'Polo' along with the trademark image of enterprise Polo Ralph Lauren. However the Association sued back Ralph Lauren, asserting that the clothing company was ruining its merchandising efforts. Then for the very occasion since the 1967, when company uses the trademark 'Polo' and logo, Ralph Lauren sponsored a polo team in United Expresses. The members of the Black Watch team, which is based an East Hampton, N.Y., and Palm Beach, Fla., each member received an uniform designed by the company which is known regarding as the Black Watch line for mallet-less families. Through sponsoring the Black watch team, they established again the brand and continue soaring into charge in the world of clothing line. During the Beijing, Olympics last August. Ralph Lauren also sponsored the Western athlete team in Olympics opening ceremony night in Beijing, China. The uniforms for the 650 athletes marching, having the idea of create 'something simple enough for the athletes location together, yet stylish enough to elevate us for a country,' says David Lauren. The uniforms are 'very sharp, very graphic on TV, very aspirational and really statesmen-like.' The design is inspired in the British Olympians movie Chariots of Fire in 1924, but it has a very distinctive look that 'drawn abundance of from American heritage ,' said by Alex Badia, fashion director at menswear trade magazine DNR. This is often a sport ceremony but Ralph Lauren made 'the best fashion runways ever.' In this particular memorable contributions of Ralph Lauren to the athlete of United States, its a symbolic action that RL was dominated the sports fashion of this generation.Designer Clothing Online includes wide selection of branded clothing from Ralph Lauren, Guess, DKNY, Armani exchange, Cavallaro and many other men and women fashion brands and designer wardrobe.
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