rita ora and michelle keegan could face two years in prison if they’re ‘not upfront when they plug products on instagram’

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-14
Rita Ola, Michelle Keegan and Rosie Huntington
Whitley has agreed that when they insert products for money or face court on Instagram, they will advance.
Unusual moves the Competition and Market Authority called the three and 13 other celebrities \"influencers\", saying they were at risk of breaking the law if they did not change their posting habits.
Stars will now make it clear in their posts when they have received a gift or product loan from the brand in exchange for an approved item or service.
Failure to comply with the promise may lead to court proceedings
There they may be fined, or even twice
Annual sentence.
The names appeared yesterday, and regulators launched a survey last year to see if \"the influencer clearly disclosed the paid information --
Endorsement \".
Undisclosed advertising is illegal.
According to the rules, influencers have to make it \"immediately recognized\" and they get some returns when they release the product.
For example, advertising or sponsorship is OK.
As long as it is not hidden in many other tags.
For influencers, stating on their profile that they are paid by the brand is not enough if they do not do so on a specific post.
Regulators officials said they had not \"investigated whether the actions of the influencers violated consumer law \".
But an industry insider said: \"CMA told 16 influential people more or less, \'We suspect that you have violated consumer law by pretending to advertise as personal information.
We can take you to court and let the judge decide.
But we will not do so if you promise to follow the rules.
It saves you and us a lot of trouble.
The most important thing is for you to abide by the law.
But we will keep an eye on you.
Other celebrities also received warning letters.
Here is the full list of 16 celebrities-
And examples of products they publish.
Influencers are not recommended to break the rules in any of these posts.
Holly of Jody shore, 26, often includes an \"ad\" in a post, but not always.
In this selfie taken in the mirror last year, she took the diet supplement package from the weight loss company bomb and wrote: \"very satisfied with my results. . .
These bad boys helped me a lot, \"the 35-year-old model and costume designer wore a shiny red trench coat with her hair combed back, this photo was taken last year at a luxury hotel in Soho, London.
She wrote: \"I really like the look of this assassin. @editionhotels.
There are 51,030 likes in this photo.
On January 14, the 28-year-old Chelsea made and her 19-month-
Baby India, and a bucket of apumir milk powder.
She is full of praise for this product that provides important nutrition to young people.
Post includes ads, image 200 in 225-word post.
The 29-year-old reality TV star showed a picture of herself in front of the Christmas tree, holding a box of Boots beauty products in her hand, she said: \"when you open your own @ bootsuk beauty collection 15 days before Christmas, you make this face.
You can shop on the link.
The 28-year-old model was overjoyed this month and received a rose arrangement from Venus and Furong.
She wrote: \"@ venusetfleur thank you for giving me 2019 gifts so I can have the most beautiful roses all year round.
\"PS Yes, these are the new @ aerie leggings,\" she added.
\"The 26-year-old reality TV star Megan, wearing a shiny skirt, took a VIP event ticket and received 12,500 likes, sitting behind a car from luxury travel company Di Lusso travel.
She wrote: \"Thank you for taking my car last night. . .
It has 12,546 likes.
Earlier this month, 28-year-old Louise took a photo at the gym with the other half, Ryan Libbey, and he announced: \"Monday morning\'s workout is over and I\'m filled with adrenaline.
Wearing the super duper support sports bra for @ pocket sport, only £ 29.
The 29-year-old fashion blogger posted a photo of himself holding a bottle of perfume from the British company Thameen, writing: \"I have been using @ thameenfragrance for the past few weeks
There were 19,202 likes in the photos last year.
Towie star, 37, poses next to her hair burst product in January 2018.
She wrote: \"I still like to take care of my natural hair even though I wear hair extensions, which bothers me a lot.
\"At the end of the day, she did add spon, saying it was sponsored.
The 31-year-old fashion blogger inserted Stansted airport ahead of schedule in a post on December, with ads from the start and labeled \"paid partnerships \".
\"The London style wardrobe upgrade means you have time to shop at some of your favorite stores before boarding,\" he said.
The 28-year-old VLOGGING Superstar Zoe Suger (Zoe Suger) is raving about pollution in the Body Shop --
The mask was cleaned up last year, calling it \"clean, zingy\" and \"so refreshing \".
Post up to 126 words-finally, at the end, \"ad\" was added \".
Just this week, Towie\'s regulars posted a photo of wearing this black Ldn scarf.
He included sp to show that it was sponsored.
But in the past, the Bureau of Advertising standards stipulated that many people did not know what the label represented.
Wearing a shiny Tiffany necklace, 32-year-old Hereford-
The born singer announced to her millions of fans: \"Take as many photos as possible at my @ thananyandco because I know I have to return them.
\"Posts are not marked as advertising or sponsorship.
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