review: numetrex sports bra monitors heart rate

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-12
In our health-
Conscious age, runners like me are advised to monitor our heart rate so that we can make the most of our workouts without being able to exercise too much.
But I never thought about tying it on unrelated hardware to keep an eye on my pulse.
The answer to the new Numetrex sports bra is: tiny electrodes woven on its fabric can detect heart rate and display the results on the watch.
Bra, by textrodden Inc.
Components from polar Electronics
Easy to use-
Simply place the transmitter in the pocket on the chest cover and activate the digital watch with a heart shape
Monitor settings and start sweating.
After about five minutes of running, the transmitter restored my heart rate.
If I don\'t want to wait that five minutes, I just moistened the inside of the band with water before I started, just like the plastic monitor of your chest strap.
The $75 Numetrex sports bra and transmitter are similar to those with plastic straps --
On the heart monitor, but the benefit of the bra is comfort
No plastic touches your skin and feels like any other sports bra, you don\'t have to worry about the transmitter shifting, rubbing or loosening.
The electrode sensor is woven in a fabric of a few inches in the band.
These sensors receive electrical signals from the heart that are sent to the transmitter.
The transmitter is about the size of the Matchbox, hidden in the seam of the bra, communicating with the monitor on the watch or treadmill.
All of this is to help you maximize fat burning and endurance without running out of your body.
The American Heart Association holds your target motor area between 50% and 75 to 85% of your maximum heart rate, and you calculate it by subtracting from 220 to your age.
For example, a healthy 23-year-
Old\'s target should be 99 to 167 times per minute. (
These are, of course, basic guidelines.
You should ask your doctor or coach for a more thorough exercise plan. )
I don\'t have much complaints about Numetrex bras
To a large extent, it is great.
However, of the dozen times I ran with it, the bra did a bad job twice --
One came out of the box, one after the first visit to the laundromat.
The transmitter sometimes loses the signal, apparently because the band is not sweating enough.
But after going through the washer and dryer for the second time, I avoided the problem by making sure to completely wet the band before use.
Interestingly, I didn\'t sweat whenever I washed my bra and hung it up to dry --
Activation problem the next day
The company has tested the durability of the bra through 100 washes
It may last longer, but if you wash it once a week, be ready to replace it a few years later.
The average service life of the embedded polar transmitter is 2,500 hours (
If you exercise half, about 20 years.
Hours, four to five days a week).
Just don\'t forget to pop it out of your bra when you wash your clothes.
Is Numetrex bra worth buying?
Yes, if you like running outdoors.
But since most treadmills and elliptical machines now have decent manual sensors to monitor your heart rate, it may not be worth it for the gym mouse.
This product is not cheap, but it is not a bad deal for a professional sports bra.
The bra itself is $45, the transmitter (made by Polar)
$30 extra.
The total cost of buying the strap is the same
On Polar\'s transmitter, it costs $40 and $35 for sports bras.
The watch you bought does make a big difference in cost.
I suggest you go around.
If your needs are basic, please use the simplest Polar Watch provided in Numetrex packaging.
$40 extra charge (
Retail prices saved about $20)
Good job too
You can also get another package for an extra $70, including a more functional polar watch like a calorie counter.
But, depending on how serious you are about athletes and how much you are willing to spend, there are more features, better monitors and more comfortable high-end watches with wristbands.
The embedded transmitter should also be used with sports watches of any brand, such as Reebok, Nike and Timex, which use the analog platform to provide heart rate functionality (
Relative to numbers).
There are three kinds of Numetrex bras: small, medium and large.
There is no wired version yet, but textrooper says it is developing larger bras for women who need more support as well as vests with shelf bras.
For athletes who don\'t need support
I\'m talking to people outside-
You don\'t have to wait too long for your heart
Monitor clothing.
Polar and Adidas-
Solomon is developing a heart.
Surveillance shirts, scheduled for release this spring.
Textrooper said he hopes to start selling a men\'s shirt within the year. (
People who are afraid of Leka
Spandex, don\'t be afraid: one of the prototypes is more loose-
Installation run single heavy. )
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