review: \'bossypants\' by tina fey is funny and heartfelt

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-13
Since Vanity Fair covers her in January 2010 with outfits that look like Wonder Woman, Tina Fey seems likely to fall in love with the duck-style outfit that her career satirizes if a woman is willing to lose 20 pounds, she can \"have everything\", show her chest and remind everyone on a regular basis, even though she writes and plays in an Emmy
She won the TV show, basically a loser who ate a lot of cupcakes. (
Like you know, Larry David. )
Her recent excerpts from her new book in The New Yorker did not help, and Fey was a painful professional mom --
Why do so many people keep asking her if she will have another child when it\'s so hard to have a baby?
Fey thought hysterically, never taking into account that these people were just talking politely.
But any concern about Fey being ruined by fame like many before her was quickly dispelled by Bossypants, a book that reminds you why Fey is in so many people
Because she is accurate, professional and funny.
First of all, \"Bossypants\" seems to have made the same mistake --
There\'s Fey on the cover that looks great but doesn\'t own it (
Her face was framed by two hairy big arms)
The back is full of fake and own.
Derogatory remarks about her appearance and talent.
Not to pay them;
There should be one inside (
But of course not)
Once and for all, it is proved that beauty is far less important than fun, and that fun does not work without the rare balance of truth and mind.
I don\'t know what happened to the editors of The New Yorker.
Why choose to piece together an article about Fey\'s mom\'s anxiety instead of lifting up a gorgeous, suffocating and interesting chapter about her father and even her life --
Papers for sure photo shoot (
\"Never think it\'s inappropriate to read a magazine.
Just remember that everyone you see on the cover has a bra and underwear hanging on a big hole in the back \")
Is this a very convincing defense of photography shopping?
But then they wrote another article about the lessons she learned from Lorne Michaels.
Ask another question: how many people in this world have been excerpted in two chapters by the New Yorker?
The sidebar of improvisation art is as close as the smart self
You will get help advice, along with her description of her early work on the New Journalism at the Y-border in Chicago.
If nothing else, \"Bossypants\" should make any image of Fey unnecessary because it provides a wealth of information and everything the reader wants comes from a story about the performer, there is no \"smart\" observation of food intake/lack of makeup/children\'s artistic appearance, and celebrity profiles are so dependent on these observations.
In chapter after chapter, Fey tells her life story in a voice that has always been considered her own: a nerd, but selfconfident half-
Greek girls into drama
A great community theater with lots of gay friends)
What is the second city like?
Incredible fun)
How the Saturday night scene works (
Compound of Harvard graduates and improvers)
What is it like to be a woman in the comedy (
It\'s harder than you think, but not as hard as coal mining)
Or when the vice presidential candidate is standing in the background, you host the show yourself or satirize her.
Fey has a great grasp of rhythm and timing
Longer, more important chapters about her career and career are balanced with fat and thin short films and some replies to evil emails --
The love of language echoes the early days of Nora everdragon and the wonderful Jean Kerr.
In her own way, Faye has been doing this all her life.
She is a physical personal essayist, because her writing and performance all stem from her thinking about her experience.
The seam that combines \"Bossypants\" is her unique experience as a woman;
Although she is far less heavy
Fey is important-of-
The fact that women still hold double standards.
It seems to her that some find her imitation of Palin \"impolite\" to be a perfect example: she thinks Palin is not fragile and Fey is not mean.
She doesn\'t show up as a diva, even as a professional self.
Demeaning varieties (
See: qionghe).
She is full of genuine love and appreciation for all her partners, especially Alec Baldwin and Amy Boller, and wrote a full chapter for the \"30 Rock\" writer including the best episodes and scenes.
She managed to completely avoid the biggest trap of her memoir.
Ignoring narcissism
This is enough to prove that a sense of humor is essential for most storytelling.
Even the terrible origin of her left scar --
As a kindergarten teacher, she was hacked by a stranger in the alley behind the house --
Become the symbol of the \"other\", but the opposite statement.
You can judge a person by how they deal with obvious scars.
But no one will pick up \"Bossypants\" to dissect Fey\'s precise use of rhythm and language, and no one will analyze her true commitment to the writer\'s room.
People will buy it, hope it is interesting, my friends, it is interesting.
Amazing, ridiculous, ridiculous.
Everything you wish from this book
It\'s impossible to put it down, you\'ll laugh all the time and you\'ll want it longer and you can\'t wait to give it to every friend of yours --is true.
Oh, the pain and ecstasy of meeting the real deal.
Because even with stupid cover girl shots, I get bored --just-the-coat-rack-to-Alec-Baldwin\'s-
Astaire\'s attitude, even with the foreseeable question about a middle-aged mother, Tina Fey is still, and in the end, there is no doubt that all of this is benevolent. mary.
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