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retailer shelves padded bikini bras for kids

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-16
On Wednesday, a major clothing retailer in the UK withdrew sales of a children\'s bathing suit.
Page tabloids reported that the company sold for 7-year-olds.
Bikini has angered children\'s advocates and candidates in Britain\'s upcoming elections, saying it is another product that makes children sexy and encourages them to grow too fast.
\"It\'s a shame that it was put on the shelves in the first place,\" says Justin Roberts, founder of Mumsnet, a parenting site that attracts a large number of outspoken viewers.
Still, she praised the decision to remove it from the shelves.
Primark, a popular discount chain, is not the first retailer to be criticized for providing padded bras for kids under 10,, more and more companies are committed to supporting Mumsnet\'s \"make girls a girl\" campaign.
The Hottest Online Forum says the dress tells girls that sex is the most important quality, and it \"encourages a culture in which children are seen as sex available.
Primark announced the immediate withdrawal of the product and promised to donate any profits obtained from the product to the children\'s charity.
The company added that the product line is \"relatively small in quantity.
\"Retailers took action within hours of the front line.
An article in The Sun condemned the product as \"paedo bikini \".
Politicians quickly joined the call.
\"It\'s totally shameful,\" Conservative leader David Cameron said of the bikini . \"
\"The country I want is not just the government (that)
Angry at the early commercialism and sexuality of our children, but companies should stop doing so and they should take some responsibility.
\"For a long time, products and images may promote sexual abuse of children, which has attracted global attention.
Examples include whether Barbie has pushed the girl in the wrong direction, what message Disney star Miley Cyrus conveyed for the quasi-back shot of Vanity Fair, and 15-year-
Old Brooke Shields said to Calvin Klein, \"Do you want to know what happened between me and my Calvin? Nothing.
\"The American Psychological Association, in its 2007 report on sexualization of girls, raised concerns about other sports, such as skechers\'s\" naughty and beautiful \"advertisement, Christina agu lollipop-
Licking girls
The association is also worried about 7-to 10-year-
Slogan like \"blink of an eye.
\"If girls buy or ask parents to buy products and clothes designed to make them look attractive and sexy, the report says:\" If they shape themselves as role models with sexy names in cultural landscapes, so they\'re actually sexting themselves. \".
Researchers such as Penny Nichols of the Children\'s Association, a charity that works to protect children in the UK, believe that their research shows that the commercial pressure of premature sexualization and unprincipled advertising is harming children\'s health. being.
Primark is owned by United UK food, with 138 stores in the UK, 38 Penneys stores in Ireland, and stores in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
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