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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-08
How to check the quality of customized group work clothes? Make group work clothes more characteristic: When customizing group work clothes in a garment factory, the exquisite workmanship of the custom-made clothing manufacturers will make the line smooth when the car clothes are used, and there will never be any questions about the running line, and there will be no threads everywhere. The stitch density is also an important measure. Although different clothing fabrics require different stitch densities, on the whole, there should be no skipped stitches, missing stitches and off-thread appearances. The stitches must be clear. , A custom clothing manufacturer is a qualified manufacturer. When distinguishing clothing fabrics, in addition to looking at clothing labels, the composition and texture can be judged by looking, touching and burning. Different clothing fabrics have different feel and reactions after burning. For example, chemical fiber clothing is dazzling and bright in color, while cotton fiber clothing is soft, thick, and has poor elasticity, while silk is softer and shiny to the touch, and feels heavy in the hand. The old editor thought that the clothing customization industry has developed for so many years now, and there is basically nothing to be picky about in terms of quality and style. And one of the things I care most about is the humanized design of the labels on the back of the clothes. Does everyone have such a habit that when buying a new piece of clothing, the first thing to do is to use scissors to cut off the label on the back that scratches the skin. Therefore, I thought it would be better for the label to be placed on the cuff, etc., rather than on the neckline. Therefore, this is the standard to test the humanized design of sportswear manufacturer manufacturers!
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