Quality inspection department destroys yoga clothes-Lose also love

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-15
'According to the relevant national laws and regulations, the color fastness of these two batches of clothing is unqualified and must be destroyed on the spot. Recently, the staff of Zhejiang Hangzhou inspection and quarantine bureau came to the warehouse of an import enterprise to supervise the destruction of two batches of yoga clothes imported from Bangladesh due to substandard color fastness. Enterprise personnel picked up scissors and destroyed two batches of 455 pieces of yoga clothing worth nearly 200 thousand yuan on the spot by destroying the main structure of the clothing. 'Although it is very painful to see these clothes cut off, if unqualified products flow into the market and cause harm to consumers, it will also cause damage to the reputation of the company. Thanks to the inspection and quarantine department, give us a quality class in time. 'The person in charge of the Enterprise said that in the future, the quality and safety of imported clothing will be strictly controlled and tested to prevent similar situations. At the scene of destruction, the author saw that these two batches of yoga clothes are vest-like and have two styles, divided into four colors: Rose Red, fruit Green, sapphire blue and black. Hangzhou inspection and quarantine personnel said that although these two batches of imported clothing look good in workmanship, the fabric is also very flexible, however, the Hangzhou Bureau found that the color fastness to water and sweat stains of many of the garments did not meet the requirements of China's mandatory standards. However, clothing products with poor color fastness a will not only affect the beauty and durability due to fading, but also affect the health and safety of the human body. Its faded dyes may be absorbed by the human body through the skin, thus causing certain harm to consumers. Since the beginning of this year, the Hangzhou Bureau has accepted 60 batches of garments imported from Italy, France, Japan and other places, and detected 7 batches of unqualified products. The unqualified rate reached 11. 67%, the unqualified items are mainly fiber content, color fastness and pH value.
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