Processing seamless underwear to ingor knitting Hear what customers have to say

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-28
Processing underwear manufacturers is not easy to find the right underwear, seamless underwear processing relatively convincing the public on a number of Guangzhou, Guangzhou is famous for small commodities, seamless underwear production and processing has already formed a unique industrial chain in Guangzhou, a large number of underwear manufacturers gathered in Guangzhou , then why go to the processing of seamless underwear Guangzhou ingorsports it? Listen to how cooperation with ingorsports had customers say?

cooperation with ingorsports over 10 years of trading company in Guangzhou ** Miss Sun, said: 'ingorsports grow so far, I have witnessed fundamental, ingorsports developed rapidly, we sell all year round trade their products mostly exported to the US, guests enjoyed, thanks to ingorsports relatively new product models, can follow the trend of the times ...... '

ingorsports processing underwear fashion movement-based, over the years has been adherence innovation, new development, and so early in the inception of the company set up its own design department R u0026 D team, seven 18 years of experience in the design lingerie designer launch 8-10 new every day, every month launched nearly 300 new. Underwear factory has 1,000 square meters exhibition hall and 5,000 variety kind of clothing on display for customers to sample custom. Also supports sample custom map, so there is always a locally appropriate.

ingorsports years of cooperation with customers in Hangzhou Mr. Wu said: 'We also have cooperation with ingorsports 2078, a year in ingorsports custom processing on one million seamless underwear, including Ms. vests, ladies panties, bra, thermal underwear categories of products, the company's processing of their underwear product quality is quite good, rarely major quality problems ...... '

seamless underwear processing we know is quite traditional manufacturing industry, involving a large number of people living hand, it can be considered a labor-intensive industry. Then we want to control the quality of good underwear processing, quality assurance, and quality of personnel management system of the plant can not be separated.

ingorsports seamless underwear processing is used in pipeline operations, the introduction of the Japanese 5S management mode, with three groups as a unit, as a group of three or four groups, we clear division of labor, collaboration, mutual supervision. On the staffing mechanism, the use of 'mentoring' approach, pass - heritage underwear underwear processing plant to ensure the quality of the fine tradition; help - between the teams help each other, cooperate with each other; with - older employees with new employees, each group One to three years experience in processing underwear older employees with new employees. This ensures a good quality underwear processing.

ingorsports always adhere to the point is, our underwear is made out of processed products, not test out, so each of us to firmly establish quality awareness, 'do not create bad products, do not accept defective products, do not let off Ichiban 'such a basic slogan implement the hearts of every employee's underwear factory, everyone conscious of the standard, according to the process through their own hands to do everything that underwear products.

customers in Taiwan Miss Shen cooperation with ingorsports said: 'I have worked with so many lingerie manufacturers, ingorsports issued price comparison comply, the boss, the boss is very straightforward, customers can save a penny, it will be fine It gives us suggestions ...... '

business or, like ingorsports up factories so whether you, do big business, are inseparable from the factory to develop profits. Ingorsports through cooperation with the customers know ingorsports with equality and mutual benefit between the customer relationship has been maintained, the customer will not be the same as lamb slaughter. We ingorsports product position in high-end fashion young women, then these women generally have a certain economic capacity, but they are demanding product quality. So we ingorsports underwear production and processing of products has been insisting to comply with Japan, South Korea, the quality requirements of Western European countries, and even higher.

Indeed, precisely because ingorsports always adhere to consider customers are considered, worries customers are worries, before taking into account customers, many customers through cooperation with ingorsports customers are very willing to maintain long-term cooperation with us!

This is why underwear processing to go to Guangzhou ingorsports! QQ: 2083574942

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