Precautions for cleaning yoga clothes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-25
There are many styles in the yoga clothing brand ranking, but pay attention to cleaning. (1) When washing yoga clothes, please wash them with neutral detergent. (2) After washing, Please gently twist the whole shape and dry it in a cool place without ironing and exposure. (3) Alkaline bleach can cause discoloration of yoga clothing. Do not use it. (4)Please do not mix and dehydrate in the washing machine. Avoid the washing machine from damaging the elastic fiber of the sportswear. (5)After the clothes are dried, it is best to hang them with hangers. The conventional drying method is easy to deform the yoga suit. Female friends should not choose when buying yoga clothes. They need to buy comfortable and environmentally friendly materials so that they can be comfortable and healthy. We also need to buy fashionable ones so that we can keep up with the fashion trend and be avant-garde women. Practice yoga and let busy people have more free time.
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