post-pregnancy essentials: the fashionable and the useful

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-04
Your joy has arrived and your body has changed again.
What you need from clothes and underwear has evolved into something beyond regular support . . . . . . When you resume your daily activities, especially when you return to work, you realize that wearing clothes often, even maternity clothes, will make your life more complicated.
You actually need to design it based on your specific postpartum needs;
Such as nursing bra, nursing shirt, nursing dress, even nursing dress!
For those of you who don\'t know where to start or what care clothing is available in the world, I \'ve put together a list of some off-the-shelf items, these projects can make your life easier . . . . . . Nursing Bra: this is absolutely necessary.
If you only buy one thing, buy a maternity/breastfeeding bra that will provide the best support.
Because if your bra doesn\'t fit, it doesn\'t matter how beautiful your clothes are.
Buy multiple if you find the perfect bra because it\'s hard to find.
Be sure to try on a bra under t-
Make sure the clip does not stick out before you buy the shirt.
The main goal here is comfort and comfortof-nursing!
Nursing shirt: when you feel the opposite and need to boost your confidence, buy a few women and frivolous shirts for a few days.
Make sure they can take care of it easily, or use a concealed zipper or flap.
In this way, you can avoid accidents easily.
Nursing shirt: management for those who return to work
The balance of life is stressful and does not have to deal with the troubles of the nursing wardrobe.
Invest in shirts specially made for nursing mothers with magical zippers (
Discrete placement)
Make life easier.
Postpartum slip: as there are very few skirts lined up, so not tolerant of pregnancy or postpartum body, maternal slip can be very helpful, especially when you are not ready to squeeze into a plastic body.
Buy seamless without labels to avoid extra bumps.
The best scooters have a weighted bottom to prevent them from climbing up.
To make sure the slide is ongoing, make sure the trap is adjustable.
Postpartum clothing: at least one dress adds spice to your postpartum wardrobe.
Especially for the postpartum body, it is important to buy a dress or cut that suits your middle section.
Details like ruching (gathers), a non-
The fitted female skirt sets off your waist.
Use the body clothes a little smoother.
The wrap skirt also does a great job in caring and shaping the body.
Postpartum care body-shaping: Don\'t worry, you will come back in advance
Pregnant body in time.
At the same time, put on some shape clothes to get a smoother fit and hide the trouble.
Postpartum plastic body clothes can be comfortable and compressed.
Look for a breathable, thick knit fabric with a thick strap on the bottom to prevent it from rolling up as you move around.
Access to Care should also be a priority.
It\'s hard enough to wear and take off twice a day, and no one wants to put up with it more often.
Pajamas: you will buy some items when you are pregnant, and if you choose carefully, no matter how much weight you lose, these items will last for a few months or years after you give birth.
Pajamas belong to this category.
You spend 35% of your day in your pajamas!
In the clothing items after underwear, the most time.
You must feel comfortable with them.
Second, if you invest in a beautiful and comfortable pair, they can make you live a long life.
It also makes sense to buy a care pajamas while you are nursing so that you can easily upgrade and feed.
The perfect care dress is a dress with a strong elasticity at the waist so that there is no need to wear a care bra below.
Also recommend a microfiber fabric on cotton so that it will keep you dry on the night of the milk leak.
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