plus-size sports illustrated model ashley graham slammed for losing weight

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-02
The 28-year-old model Ashley Graham is used to being humiliated . . . . . . But now it\'s because Internet users say she\'s too thin.
She was told that her thigh was a \"fat ball City\" and stood up to many other scathing comments about her appearance.
Model Cheryl Tiggs was forced to apologize after suggesting that Graham\'s big frame was unhealthy.
She said: \"Her face is very beautiful, very beautiful.
But I don\'t think it\'s healthy in the long run.
After boarding the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, Ashley was also controlled by the controversial \"Dear Fat Man\" vlogger Nicole Arbour.
Nicole said sternly: \"If other models look like her, they will be fired.
But the cover girl went through the body.
Last week, when she posted this snapshot on Instagram, she humiliated a variety of people and showed a number that looked slimmer.
Internet users don\'t seem to be impressed with Ashley\'s little frame, and many comment that she has given up her plus-
A huge figure since its name.
One commenter said, \"where is your curve? !
Another defendant: \"You really lost a lot . \"
I\'m no longer a fan of you.
You betrayed a lot of people!
Twitter users are also critical when they think of Ashley\'s \"new look. According to E!
News, Graham responds to criticism by commenting on an angle on Instagram that affects how your body looks in the photo.
She explained: \"People came to my page because I was too big, because I was too small, because I was not good enough for their standards, so the body made me feel ashamed.
\"But at the end of the day, I\'m good enough for me.
\"The angle will make anyone look bigger or smaller and I just happen to know mine.
Ashley also defended herself on Snapchat, posting his own photo next to the title: \"I won\'t let others decide what they think my body should look like for their comfort, neither should you.
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