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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 20/2/12 (2658 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. New York —
The industry\'s world series Fashion Week ended Thursday with performances by legendary designer Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. The eight-
The stretch of the day features the head
From jacket illustrations with rainbow color panels to moody color combinations of plums and Navy, the number of rotating trends.
We have narrowed down the list to our favorite and favorite --talked-
It looks like it just arrived at the store in the fall.
In winter, designers wear pea coats, swbuckling cloaks and patents --leather coats.
Diane von Furstenberg features a rich style featuring gray, maroon and black.
Her mustard fingertips
Long coats on sequins shells and raspberry pants are one of the best looks of the week.
All the highlights of Marc Jacobs, Burch, and Prabal Gurung are among the many designers who have been moved by maidas.
Jacobs\'s raspberry gown is definitely a catwalk.
In addition to the mink hat and the boa, the dress itself can shine for a confident woman in charge of the party.
PantsuitsRACHEL Zoe says her series has been inspired by rock star Mick Jagger and others, while pantsuit is their signature style.
Whether you \'ve added a jabot shirt or not, this is a practical and versatile solution that addresses \"what am I going to wear today? \" question.
Just ask Hillary Clinton.
Is it better to wear white in winter than white?
Philip Lin\'s monochrome cloak jacket and slim trousers with large folds will look fresh even in February.
Amy Smilovic of Tibi also likes to wear white clothes in trousers with knitted sweaters and skirts.
Be sure to line up your dry cleaners.
See directly through a few designers who like pure-
Long sleeve dress for autumn.
Jill Stewart, known for her good
The girl\'s clothes, walking on the naughty side, show a little skin, though covered with chiffon or lace. Her crystal-
Dress decor is the best choice for nightclubshopping.
Note: it is recommended to stock up.
Moody colored neon lights just yesterday, this winter\'s Gem Tones have evolved into dark and romantic emeralds and jewelry for next winter.
Even the optimistic Tommy Hilfiger matched his army with plums, black mustard and olives.
Theme series for girls in the city. —
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