playboy model is considering breast reduction after having trouble exercising

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-26
Jenna Bentley, 24, says her 36 E natural breasts have been holding back her new fitness program.
Image: SWNS/megassource: Super Playboy model Jenna Bentley has been upset by her army of fans by announcing that she may have her chest cut
After she almost knocked herself out. The 24-year-
Old says her natural breasts up to 36E are too big to handle and hinder her new fitness program.
Picture: Michael Tullberg/Getty ImagesSource: The Getty imageshe model has been a playmate for Playboy for three years and she says things have become more recent when she gets hurt while running early in the morning
\"I have started running and do weights to keep my body in shape, but my breasts are blocking my way.
I usually wear super.
But when I really let them fly, they sometimes pop out, \"Bentley said.
Picture: SWNS/MegaSource: \"The week before, I sprinted on the beach in California and things got so bad.
I just wore a bikini and just wanted to run out quickly.
\"It was a beautiful morning and the sun was rising.
I was retreating all over, leaping over the waves on the shore, and suddenly, I felt something heavy on my chin.
\"I feel like a fool --
With a punch, I lost my balance and fell.
There were no other people around and when I looked down I saw my right chest coming out.
\"Like the moment I jumped a wave, someone threw a hook.
It might have knocked me out.
Picture: SWNS/megassource: Before Bentley was defeated, the blonde vowed to ask her fans to comment on her chest woes.
She said: \"I don\'t want to upset my fans, but my chest is too big for me now.
\"I love them, they are very kind to me, but I do more cardio now besides lifting weights.
When I tell my friends what I\'m going to do, some people tell me directly that there is \"no way\" and others will understand my problem.
\"I have decided to vote before I make the final decision and I want my fans to tell me what they think.
I like my fans and value their opinions very much.
I will let everyone know if I stick to it.
I still want my chest to be big but easier to manage.
Image: The announcement by Splash News source: Splash News austraher put social media into a meltdown and hundreds of fans begged Bentley not to go through it.
Jonny Seven, a Twitter user, posted: \"Jenna Bentley wants a breast reduction operation!
Impossible, please don\'t want your amazing JB.
No one wears big boobs like you!
At the same time, Brian Seattle 89 wrote: \"This needs to peak.
Trump takes your pen out and signs executive orders to ban JB from getting smaller breasts.
The article first appeared in The New York Post.
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In fact, Jessica revealed that her breasts were almost shrinking.
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