Pics: Hotties off the ramp

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-29
Nikita Kara: 33: fashion stylists are from New Delhi and whenever I come to Mumbai I am connected to the beach here.
So I look free today. flowing.
Sexy but sweet.
I turned a layered dress into a dress.
I bought it from Jabong.
It cost only Rs 1,500.
My earrings are from H & M and cost me about Rs 2,000.
I spent 499 rupees on my way to the venue from Dada Street store to pick out the chocolates.
To finish the look of these bracelets I wear.
I don\'t think you need to wear designer clothes all the time.
No matter what it looks like, I will always get it.
: Producer of Alisa Malhotra: 24: MaVe channel (
Online channels on Youtube)
Call this Chicago, California. -70s high-
Jeans, short tops, black belts, bags and shoes.
My top and jeans came from Forever 21 and cost me Rs 800 and Rs 2,000 respectively.
Armani belts cost Rs 8,000.
These shoes are from Miss London of Jabong and I bought them for about Rs 1,500.
My Chanel bag is a graduation gift from my parents and my Armani sunglasses are RS 16,000.
I got these quirky earrings from Colaba Causeway for 300 rupees.
The statement from Mawi ring came from Koovs. Less is more.
I like to wear classic chic clothes.
I believe in minimalist fashion.
The fashion consultant is wearing a green pencil skirt with a black crop top.
Be comfortable no matter what you wear.
Don\'t imitate others.
Create your own style.
The owner of the restaurant is wearing a jacket from Jewish.
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