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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-09
Ingor Football Jersey Customized Ingor Xiaobian Introduction: Why Customize Football Jerseys? Nowadays, more and more people like football. Schools, enterprises and institutions often organize football competitions. Each team event has a large number of people, and the height, fat and thinness are different. It is more difficult to purchase everyone through ordinary procurement. All are suitable for football sportswear, but it is easy to solve the problem of everyone's size and uniform style, printing, printing and logo printing by looking for a custom football uniform manufacturer. Ingor football jersey, why so many people like football with printable numbers now: football itself combines the characteristics of various human sports, the sudden start between athletes, the competition for the ball is like a sprint; the goalkeeper jumps up and down, Athletes with good flexibility hang a golden hook upside down and leap to the top, like gymnastics; football is the world's number one sport and the most influential single sport in the global sports world. In a standard football game, two teams each send 10 players and a goalkeeper, a total of 11 people, to confront and attack on a rectangular grass pitch. The purpose of the game is to shoot the football into the opponent's goal as much as possible. Every time a goal is scored, one point can be obtained. When the game is over, the team with the most points wins. If the score is the same within the specified time of the game, it depends on the rules of the game, and the competition can be divided into the form of drawing lots, overtime rematch or mutual penalty kicks (twelve steps). Ingor professional custom football uniforms, game uniforms, custom football uniform printing, printing, printing logo
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