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philippa stockley: what your red-soled stilettos say about you

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-15
Why is the red flash so exciting, so naughty?
Red bra, red lipstick, red socks under the city suit, hint of funny red shoes?
Kylie Bradshaw in Sex and the city seems to blend almost with her towering red
Soled Louboutin heels are well known to be the favorite of real women like Rihanna, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.
But last week, Homebase reported that sales of test cans of red paint have surged as women have been painting soles red to mimic greedy feetcoverings.
This is an unforeseen blitz.
Last year, a row broke out between Christian Louboutin and Yves St Laurent over whether the red sole could be registered.
YSL made a pair of red shoes with a red sole and Louboutin was very angry about it.
Zara, which also sells red soles, is also popular.
The point of this complex argument is whether Louboutin can register a trademark on one of his top features
Tail shoes for 20 years.
Yes, the color can be a trademark in a specific case;
The purple whisky is one.
But last month, Louboutin lost to Zara in the French high court, who said the idea must be free.
So why do some women like to wear flashing red insteps that are particularly noticeable from the back, in addition to the money flavor on them?
Shoes are obviously sexy for a lot of people, and red attracts people\'s attention.
For centuries, the mother cats have been showing off the inflammatory bottom to their admirers, while the old tricks are usually good.
The first record of women using shoes to attract interest from behind is the ancient Greek prostitutes, whose inlaid sandals left a mark on the words \"follow me.
But the man turned red-
17th-century and 18th-century, heel stuff, wearing them in court, by Hyacinthe Rigaud shows 1701 Louis XIV white sock legs in red heels and fine turns
Women soon caught up.
V & A has A pair of high-Red-
Leather heel with date 1700.
Even earlier, in Venice, prostitutes liked red because their high-rise shoes were up to one eye --
Even Lady Gaga can shake at a height of 18 inch.
There is a pair in the corner of Vittore Carpaccio\'s 1490 photo with two Venetian ladies on the balcony. Those blond-
The hair \"lady\" is a pie.
We think red is the most exciting and daring color.
Fundamentally, this is the color of blood or fire in the arteries, so we are used to responding to it immediately to avoid potential fatal dangers.
This is also the color of the red tide: sex is not only in the bab, but also a sign of attraction between humans.
This is not a free \"hot \".
That\'s why red lips and rouge, or red lips, from their original, frontChristian use.
Chris de Berg\'s metaphor for the woman in red is constantly changing;
From a Virgin wearing a beautiful, expensive red cloak in many portraits of the Renaissance, to Jessica Rabbit in the 1980 film that Filmed Roger Rabbit, turn any woman into a \"little red dress\" with a confident upper \".
While consistent elements are attractive, variable bolts-
Ons includes the connotation of wealth, immorality, or temptation.
The visible red is located at the far end of the spectrum, just before the infrared.
Interestingly, for the color of this stirring, the wavelength of red is very long and the frequency is very low.
But instead of being aware of this, we are attracted to the obvious red visual pounce, like a moth to a flame.
Red Lake, red lead, red och Stone, crazy;
The Red Army of India, Prussia and Spain;
Cadmium and Mars Red;
Qian, Zhu Hong and Zhu Hong are just some names of different pigments because the artist tries to capture the excitement and beauty of red, which is used both for painting and for dyed cloth of clothes.
Because by putting on stimulating colors for ourselves, we can accept and release some of its qualities and attributes.
As long as people wear red clothes, someone will try to monopolize or keep red for a particular class or class.
Red, like Thai purple, was once the color of the Empire in Rome, but it was also used as the veil of marriage. in India, China, red is still the color of the wedding. It represents the rest of the world of good luck and happiness.
Sumptuary laws or \"clothing regulations\" of both tudor dynasties have complex rules about who can wear what, from fur and silk to gold cloth, and the type of shoes. And colour.
As it is now, make smart judgments about the class from dress.
In Bill 1533, Henry VIII authorized academic doctors to wear scarlet red, indicating that others refused to wear scarlet red.
However, although this attempt has always existed in history, it is usually a failure.
We wear whatever we want, which is out of control.
We instinctively resist attempts to become colored.
Unless politics and other relationships like Manchester or Arsenal, we embrace them ourselves.
Red can be expensive: kermes and cochineal (
All from the squashed scale worm)
The first bright, clear scarf is expensive.
But there are also cheaper reds, such as madder, which is why the British Army originally adopted darker, softer red.
In 1645, Oliver Cromwell\'s New Army had 12 feet regiments, each of which was 1,200, dressed in \"Venetian Red \".
They were soon referred to as the Red Shirt army, and the word persisted.
Like football players, soldiers in close combat need to immediately determine who they really are.
It\'s just starting in the middle.
Non-smoking gunpowder and rifle for 1850 seconds
It is possible that red tuna is the target.
Some cardinals are also dressed in red, and they are considered as dangerous as the whole regiment.
Cardinal Richelieu is an example;
Perhaps, in the sketch of Monti Python\'s Spanish religious referee, there are fewer than Gus and Fang.
The Avatar from head to foot, from now on the sad excess TiVo (
Wide hat)
For their cassock and mozzetta, blood-red clothes show that they are willing to die for faith.
Now the army is mostly dressed in earthy yellow, and it is difficult to increase the demand for red pants or socks. Statement clothing that may still imply association or attempt to be associated with class or grade.
Look at my red pants!
Blogspot has photos of men wearing harsh fork costumes, and many humorous titles are \"toff \".
When John Prescott, then deputy prime minister, called Christopher Meyer, former chairman of the Press Complaints Committee, \"Red\", the red hose could cause undue opposition
After the publication of his memoir, he began.
Although historically inconsistent, we have also established political connections in color.
Since the 18 th century, the red and conservative British blue of socialism or communism has been reversed, and the radical Whig Party Charles James Fox opposes the conservatism of George III, used George sometimes dressed in red.
S. Democrats still embrace blue today, so it\'s their Republican opponent who branded themselves in red.
Like many other things, women now shine at the place where men first host.
But if any modern man fantasize about trying to spell the flashing and chic 18 --
Century red in the opposite sex, the price of the tester basin is 1 pound. 59.
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