perfect christmas gifts for women? why we men are rubbish

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-16
A recent study by Superdrug shows that men are basically rubbish in interpersonal relationships-surprising and surprising.
The study showed that 39% of men did not know the size of their wife\'s bra and 23% of men did not know the size of their partner\'s skirt or shoes.
What is even more shocking is that about 10% of husbands do not remember the date of birth, hair color or even job title of their other half, which may be female but may not be male.
Some men even have objections to the middle name of their wives.
All of this led to predictable results-on Christmas Eve-where, according to statistics, 12% of women had to return a gift that they did not like because their partner had forgotten.
Presumably, this fact is for men to go to Super drugs, where they will spend a lot of money on their wife\'s favorite perfume (
34% of men don\'t know the perfume their wives like).
Or they splash water on their hair dye products so they don\'t have to remember the natural color of their wife.
In addition to giving us an insight into the marketing strategy of superdrugs, what does this survey actually tell us?
Man is just forgetful, a little rubbish?
Or are they ruthless assholes who think the world is only running around themselves?
Or is the matter in the survey not important to men, but does this actually not reflect their rudeness or ruthlessness? I am a man.
I have male friends too.
So I may be able to use my insider knowledge of \"people\" to answer these questions.
I think the best way to solve men\'s contradictory psychology about dating, clothing size, beauty products, etc. is to look at how men engage with other men on these topics.
By controlling a group of men, we may be able to figure out what really matters to unfair sex.
Let\'s start with the date.
Most men, or at least the men I know, don\'t send birthday cards to each other.
They may not even know the date of their partner\'s birthday.
What they extend to the most is a quick \"Happy B \'day mate!
\"If they happen to be online and notice a Facebook reminder (
Note that the word \"date of birth\" cannot even be written completely).
Even then, they may not be found.
This is not because their partner is not important to them.
It\'s just that birthday and emotional ties are not relevant in male psychology.
Most men only know the age of their friends, because they are in the same year at school or university, and of course it\'s not always a given age as long as they can remember their age.
If you ask two male friends if they remember the date of their first meeting, you may suffer some slight ridicule and real physical violence.
You won\'t get a wise answer for sure.
But, of course, you will never ask the question of two people, because everyone knows that it is a man\'s curse to arbitrarily determine a specific date that somehow constitutes a meaningful property of the relationship between two people.
Also, if we really get into the whole datewe-first-
We will only argue over whether to use the date we actually meet, or the date we first get together.
In terms of clothes size, do you need to spell it out?
No, men don\'t know the size of each other\'s clothes.
\"Fat bathard\" is almost as close as any man estimates a friend\'s size.
I don\'t even know my size, so how can I have enough spirit to get to know my friends?
Again, if I knew their favorite scent, I would consider having myself check it out, though strangely I might know the favorite scent of all my friends.
This is probably the Lynx, because it takes the least amount of mental energy to choose when shuffling, Zombie
Like, in the male beauty aisle of the supermarket;
In fact, when you spray it, a large number of healthy women will fall from the sky.
I do know the job title of most of my friends, but in most cases it\'s hard for me to imagine what that actually means or involves.
However, I suspect this is more of a by-product.
It is the product of a modern workplace, not a product of a male relationship.
I also know all their hair colors, which is because they don\'t change every other month, which confuses me, and in most cases, this is also the same color in one of the color charts, which may be called greasy brown.
Interestingly, most men do know the middle names of their friends, but it\'s just because they find it fun to pee from each other\'s middle names --known monikers.
I have a friend with a middle name. Case in point.
I think I have made it clear that the answer to my original question is: men are not useless or ruthless;
It\'s just that we don\'t have special emotional attention to the fact that dates, vital statistics, names, work, age, preferences, or almost any form of \"irreparable\" about the people we love.
In a sense, we are at a higher, more pure level of emotion, on which all the worldly, the decor of everyday relationships-such as remembering the names of our birthdays or partners-is nothing more than a baggage that holds us together.
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