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people can’t stop taking the p*ss out of this forever 21 choker

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-28
Yes, it\'s official.
The trend of Choker has gone too far.
The last straw was not Kim Kardashian\'s insistence on wearing worn-out Cowboys around his neck. No.
The necklace that took us over the edge was a huge zipper
From Forever 21.
Or, alternatively, you can describe it as a funky neck brace, a small nose, or simply say, \"Wait,\" What is something on your neck? Basically, it\'s just a black necklace that takes up all the necks of the wearer.
We don\'t know how this necklace came from or why it came from.
All we know is that it exists, and Forever 21 sees it as a pretty appealing addition to Star Wars baseball jerseys.
Actually, that makes sense.
Darth Vader will become the trend of the post-90 s.
Or maybe it\'s just an absolutely ridiculous fabric, so it\'s recommended to wear it around your neck as we all lose the plot.
You can still buy it, orSo on trend.
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