Participate in the offline salon of to reflect on the e-commerce road of ingor underwear factory

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-28
This afternoon, I received an instruction from the general manager of ingorsports underwear factory, and I had the honor to participate in the offline salon held by in Guangzhou. After an afternoon of study, I also deeply realized that our ingorsports underwear factory's network marketing system is also imminent. Process + standards + tools + talents can create an enterprise's network marketing system.

In the afternoon, Mr. Zuo Maolan, the lecturer of landing salon, will give a lecture. Mr. Zuo will explain why enterprises do network marketing based on the generally reported poor results of network marketing, including underwear factories. can not do well.

In fact, if a company wants to do a good job in network marketing, it needs to be deeply analyzed, which consists of nine links: website traffic - traffic accuracy - link page accuracy - web content marketing power - customer service online time - online customers Professionalism - sales staff follow-up and timeliness - sales force of sales staff - product and service competitiveness.

Then the three links of website traffic - traffic accuracy - link page accuracy are the focus of network operation and promotion personnel, then promotion includes free and paid promotion; web content marketing power is drawn from Website positioning, website establishment; customer service online time - the professionalism of online customers draws on the professional speech and communication skills of customer service personnel; the timely follow-up of sales personnel - the sales force of sales personnel draws on our professional sales The sales ability of personnel has been improved, and ultimately network marketing is to return to the company's products and services.

These nine links are also interlinked, and none of them are indispensable. Internet marketing is a funnel-shaped process. From traffic to inquiries, to effective inquiries to conversion and transactions, the control of each link requires processes and standards. At the same time, we must also pay attention to choosing the right tools and relevant personnel to implement. For example, for promotion, Mr. Zuo has repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to combine free promotion and paid promotion. Especially at the beginning, paid promotion should be done first, and the accumulated data should get results quickly. Then paid promotion needs to understand the background data analysis. and investigation, and constantly optimize the background account structure, while the free promotion method is a long-term process that requires a certain amount of time and accumulation; for customer service, professional training is required to be familiar with products and communication skills, such as opening remarks techniques, how to introduce our company, how to get customer contacts, and concluding remarks.

Our ingorsports underwear factory's network marketing status, except for Ali, is actually still in the early stage, the period of building a website and building tools. Collected various platforms to start doing some free promotion.

Combined with what the teacher said, network marketing is a project, a strategy, and a system composed of processes + standards + tools + people. If you have a process, you know how to do it, if you have a standard, you know what to do, and if you have a tool, you know what to do with it. , In the end, someone has to implement it, insist and persevere in the implementation.

In the future, once our ingorsports underwear factory tool official website is built, we will implement it according to the ideas taught by the teacher, and make every link solid and closely linked, forming a certain process and standard and stick to it.

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