pam grier gets candid about being a female action star, president trump

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-26
Even at the age of 68, Pam Grier looks like he can still kick his ass.
Grier said the appearance will not deceive people.
Grier said that although she had never played a superhero, \"I am a superhero in real life,\" she smiled and bounced back some flowing hair.
Grier has been strong in his film and television career for nearly 50 years.
In an interview with The Associated Press last week, she discussed some changes in Hollywood and the return of the female action movie star.
\"I don\'t know why people are surprised by the success of Wonder Woman,\" Grier said, who is the star of the \"tenacious 1970\" action movie, such as Fox Brown and others.
Women like Greer and Angie Dickinson are now female action stars such as Gaelic Gadot and Charles Ceron, as well as those like taraggi P.
Henson is good at her upcoming Pride Malan and Megan, who is transforming Greer\'s classic Fox Brown.
\"I applaud them and I want them to be successful,\" Grier said . \". \"I started it.
I don\'t want them to fail.
\"But there is a price to be an action star: Greer said she was injured multiple times in a stunt show including filming Coffey.
\"I almost broke my ankle,\" she said . \"
\"They painted my actors like boots and I limped.
Do I say this looks good? Looks good.
\"Fortunately, today\'s actors have stunt doubles and better gear,\" said Grier.
When asked about the difference between doing action today and during the day, she said with a smile: \"sports bra.
\"Grier has nothing but good wishes for Fox Brown\'s remake.
\"It will be interesting,\" she said . \"
\"Look, I didn\'t have a stunt until Fox Brown.
Megan, she will do a good job in stunts.
She will get a sports bra that I don\'t have.
Do you ask me if I will do it again?
Yeah, if I had a good sports bra.
Grier was in Washington, D. C. C.
Last weekend, she was honored at the annual \"tribute to her: the beauty of diversity Award Luncheon.
\"Surprisingly, Grier says she has never been to the new Smithsonian National Museum of African-American history and culture where she plans to donate some film costumes.
Part of the reason for her delay was that she wanted to go with her mother Gwendolyn Grier, who lived with her in Colorado but did not fly on the plane, so it required a cross-country trip.
\"I want to stand up and stand in line,\" Greer said . \".
\"I want to go to will and call and say,\" Hello everyone!
See what happens.
\"Greer has never entered the White House, either, but don\'t expect her to invite President Donald Trump.
Grier said she had a chance to become an apprentice but refused, saying she did \"due diligence\" on people before she worked with them \".
\"There was a guy who said he was going to provide the job, well, your hat was made in China,\" Grier said . \".
\"I didn\'t hear him say he would open a factory here for people to work.
I haven\'t heard his daughter say they\'ll open a factory here to get people to work so I\'m confused.
I think, \'where is the logic here?
Grier is also promoting the red sugar mobile streaming service, which plays iconic black films such as Jackie Brown of Grier, black mom/white mom and others.
The service is a godsend for Grier, as her elderly mother can watch some of the smaller ones --
She missed famous movies at home while raising multiple children and making ends meet.
\"Now that she\'s getting older and in a bad shape, it\'s the best time to sit with her and watch the brown sugar,\" Grier said . \".
\"Watch movies she hasn\'t seen, watch her crush, watch Billy di Williams, Sidney Potier, Eddie Murphy, just to see Harry bellabante Beyonce, Richard Pryor.
\"She is still trying to adapt her best-selling autobiography, Fox: My Life in the three Act, into a movie and conceive some dreams in her mind: comedian Jay faroa plays Richard Pryor and Italian director Federico Fellini plays Roberto Sweeney.
Who does she think is Pam Greer?
\"I don\'t know, but whoever it is must bring it! \" she said.
Jackie Brown is one of the 20-year-old movies this year.
See more movies reaching this milestone in the gallery below.
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