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Over 80% women wear ill-fitting bras: Study

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-01
The study found that 88% of teenage girls wore bras that did not fit and 85% failed in a simple knowledge test of bra and bra fit.
A recent study found that more than 80% of Australian women wear a bra that does not fit.
The weight of the 16DD breast is about 600 grams each, which is equivalent to carrying a liter of milk in your chest.
If there is no support, this weight can cause pain in the back, neck and arms and can also cause poor posture.
It can also prevent women from exercising due to physical discomfort or their own reasons. consciousness.
However, the vast majority of women, whether 16 DD or otherwise, do not wear a bra that fits.
Research Report of Australian Breast Research CenterBRA)
The team found that 88% of teenage girls wore bras that did not fit, and 85% did not pass a simple knowledge test in terms of bra and bra fit.
As a result, women continue to wear sick clothes.
Put on a bra as an adult.
Another study found that 85% of women wear bras that don\'t fit.
Although 75% of young study participants and 67% of elderly women surveyed did not use bras
Try-on service provided by some bra retailers.
Chief researcher and associate researcher
Dr Deirdre McGhee, author of the study, believes that there are many reasons for this, one of which is the embarrassment of selling breasts and bodies to strangers.
\"The dressing room is not a pleasant experience for most women,\" the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying . \".
Maggie also believes that the subject of breasts and bras is largely taboo.
\"I don\'t think women are educated by their mothers ,[who]
I don\'t know the basic information, so [haven’t]passed it down.
This is a mysterious and embarrassing [topic].
But when you talk about it, you open a can of bugs and women complain to you . \"
The most common thing is that the bras are uncomfortable and women can\'t wait to go home so they can take off their bras.
\"Women don\'t expect bra comfort. [In the study]
\"They don\'t realize or realize that discomfort is a problem,\" she said . \".
But she insists the bra should be comfortable.
\"It must fit like a glove.
The best bra in the world is useless if it doesn\'t fit, \"she claims.
To help women find the right bra, a free bra has been developed in collaboration with Australian bra and sports medicinefitting guide.
McGhee stressed that it is important to remember that in Australia the dimensions are not standardized, so it is unlikely that the female sizes of each brand will be the same.
Even in the same brand, the size of a female bra changes with the style and color of the bra.
\"The dye will affect the size,\" she said . \".
The guide provides tips based on exercise, age, and bra size, such as the best level of support.
McGhee hopes to help women better feed themselves through guidelines and reveal the secret world of bras and breasts. sts.
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