Order Ladies Underwear Carefully Choose Color Underwear 17 Years Lingerie Factory Reminds You

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-16
With the development of young people's online shopping habits, more and more people are ordering women's underwear online. Many underwear manufacturers have also started e-commerce online marketing, but women's underwear products presented online can only be displayed through pictures, videos, The way the text describes it. You can't really perceive the real women's underwear, and often some brightly colored women's underwear can touch people's shopping desires. but do you know? ingorsports specially reminds you that there is a safety hazard in wearing women's underwear with too bright colors.

According to the data, some women's underwear with too bright colors are mostly dyed. In order to maintain the vividness of the color, some unscrupulous underwear manufacturers will use some heavy metal additives. These heavy metal additives will cause direct contact with human skin for a long time. serious hazard.

Many young people pursue fashion, and they only look at the style, texture, and color when ordering women's underwear. In fact, people who process underwear know that the more fancy colors of women's underwear, the more dyeing and processing processes, the more complicated it is. And we often see some international popular brands of women's underwear on the contrary, the color is relatively single, mainly black, white and skin, which looks simple and clean!

Guangzhou ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless knitted women's underwear for 17 years. The products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, the United States and other places. They take the route of middle and high-end women's underwear, and have high requirements for quality, safety and environmental protection.

Since ingorsports started e-commerce, many people will find us ingorsports online, often mentioning that our products are relatively simple in color, why don't we develop some brightly colored women's underwear, we usually explain to our customers why we are Why does the ingorsports underwear factory produce women's underwear with too fancy colors...

We also often find that a lot of fancy women's underwear will have a very pungent odor when we get it in our hands. Especially those who like to buy clothes online often complain that the women's underwear they buy is heavier after receiving the clothes. It is because women's underwear has additives in the dyeing process. Many of these additives contain some heavy metals such as lead and chromium, and some of them will fade after washing, which is extremely harmful to the body when they come into contact with the body's skin.

Guangzhou ingorsports seamless knitted underwear factory has been a manufacturer of women's underwear for 17 years. The women's underwear products we produce are more based on the health of customers. When selecting materials, we will consider safety and environmental protection. For example, we choose The materials use the raw materials of the listed company Huading Company and Israel's Yili Company in Suzhou, China, and in the process of dyeing, we strictly use azo-free dyes, the salad degree is above 4, and the color is black and white. Three skin tones.

Be careful when ordering women's underwear, ingorsports is good to remind, the color and fabric should be clear, black and white skin color is the first choice, health and safety accompany a lifetime!

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