OPC's Orthotic Clinics Around Australia

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-07-12
Since 1985, OPC Health has been serving the orthopaedic needs of patients and customers throughout Questions. The company is known for its personalized service -- offering clinical care, manufactured and customized orthoses, prosthetics, orthopaedic footwear, and other devices towards the many patients who visit its clinics each year. The company has eight clinics in metropolitan Melbourne and nine regional clinics in Victoria. OPC's main office, in Port Melbourne, provides administrative, technical and clinical tools. OPC Health: Offering a definite Range of Professional Services OPC Orthotic Clinics australia wide offer a complete range of professional care. Their friendly clinicians take the period for assess maintains a needs every and every patient during a comprehensive and discreet case evaluation. Professional Orthotists and Prosthetists OPC's professional Orthotists and Prosthetists are trained in measuring, fitting, and choosing the right brace, orthoses or prosthetic device to conform to each patient's physical needs and comfort. Orthotic services at the clinics include spinal bracing, upper and lower limb orthotics, fracture cast bracing, foot orthotics and footwear modifications, breast form fitting, lymphodema management, compression garment fitting and sports orthoses. OPC Health Prosthetists are committed to assisting patients regain mobility and physical function through them using latest lightweight and dynamic prosthetic devices and componentry. The prosthetics are made with durable materials such as carbon fibre, fiberglass, resins, high temperature thermoplastics, and silicone. Highly Skilled Fabrication Technicians Highly skilled Fabrication Technicians are adept at modifying or customizing orthoses, calipers, orthopaedic footwear and prosthetics to contain any member. The devices can be biomechanically aligned or adjusted to protect, support, heal or alleviate pain in various body devices. OPC's Technicians are recognized as for their skill in fabricating specialised sports guards, which could be custom-tailored for any athlete to facilitate recovery from existing injuries, or to guard against future your current. Innovative Research and Development OPC's innovative research and development team is dedicated in studying if you technological and scientific advances to assist them on development of state-of-the-art orthotics and prosthetic devices. Breast Care Following a mastectomy or lumpectomy, a lady seeking partial or full breast prosthesis has an array of natural looking mastectomy forms, bras, lingerie and accessories to select from. OPC Health offers post-surgery breast forms, traditional, lightweight and leisure forms. OPC's swim forms are suitable for water sports, yoga and other physical strategies. Trulife stockists are knowledgeable in assisting cancer survivors who desire to look and feel their finest after breast surgery or lumpectomy. The fitters are available to assist any woman does anyone want a comfortable, form-fitting prostheses or breast support. Orthopaedic Foot Wear In addition to their other clinical services, OPC Health clinics provide Orthopaedic Footwear services. In order to create an appointment or purchase details regarding their footwear services or additional clinical services, the mobile phone number to call is (03) 9681 9666.
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