on instagram, \'fitness inspiration\' is often an eyeful

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-22
If there are any signs of the New Year\'s resolution, Americans are eager to be healthier.
Many people get encouragement by getting fitness inspiration
Also known as \"fitspo\"
In the palm of their hands.
Free app shared by 0. 15 billion active users on Instagram, \"like\" every day and comment on 55 million photos and videos, \"fitspo\" and \"fitspiration\" have become synonymous with images of buff bicep, buttocks, bellies and breasts --
Sometimes within a framework.
There are many beautiful faces.
Usually, they are amateur fitness enthusiasts, models, personal trainers, and brands --
A spokesperson who supports the provision of fitness skills, designed to encourage the public\'s clever slogans, and hopes that working hard at the gym will produce the desired results.
After each upload, the community and below expand-
Some fitspo personalities are becoming stars.
Jen Selter, 20year-
Almost 1 year old New Yorker.
4 million fans, each time a new photo is released, will get about 5,000 new photos.
Although different personal wishes
Write fitness books, stars in fitness videos, etc. —
Their goal is to inspire others.
\"I just wanted to show people that you can stay healthy for the rest of your life,\" said Laura Gordon, 46, who used to be a real estate agent in Charlotte. C.
\"Anyone can do it if they can.
\"Gordon, also known as @ cttchickentuna, has more than 323,000 fans and says she spends 8 hours a week working out and 9 hours on Instagram.
\"Every night before going to bed, every morning I look at fitspo,\" said Bo Sellers, 28, an aspiring comedian in Los Angeles who said she lost 50 pounds in the summer.
\"It\'s a very important part of my way of life.
It keeps me going.
But not everyone thinks fitspo is healthy.
Doctor Coral Arvon said: \"We have a world where everyone is very fat, but I don\'t know if this will help because it\'s hard to get to that level, \"Behavioral Health Director, spa, Pritikin Longevity Center, Miami.
\"It\'s almost anorexia and there\'s only a little muscle on it,\" she said . \" She refers to the fitspo image she saw online.
Comments on fitspo photos range from support to attention to verbal abuse.
Gordon estimated that she had blocked 20,000 garbage.
Commenters for chat
\"There\'s too much hatred,\" she said . \"
\"Every time I post a picture, I block 25 to 50 people.
\"It\'s not just women who are clicked.
Joey Wall, 29 (@joeyswoll)
The sales director/chief athlete of the supplementary company SHREDZ said the maleto-
Among his more than 177,000 fans, the proportion of women is \"fairly balanced \".
Sergio rizoto, 22, is a student at Villanova. Pa. )
@ Instafitsociety account with more than 593,000 fans.
\"I originally made an account for men and girls, but it seems that I got a better response from women\'s photos,\" Rizzuto said . \" He spends more than 40 hours a week on Instagram for many, it\'s a completetime job.
\"When you release fitness-
Related products (
Thousands)of fitness-
People who are interested are perfect.
You can post fitness ads on TV, but one out of 10 people may be interested in it.
\"In this regard, 90% of people will be involved,\" Rizzuto said . \".
Massiel Arias, 25, a certified personal trainer in the City of Jersey, said Nike, Under and New Balance provided her with sportswear, but she was not paying or directly
Her @ mankofit account has more than 871,000 fans.
She said other companies offered Arias promotional posts for $500 to $1,500, but she declined because she said her Instagram account recorded her way to deal with depression instead of advertising sales.
The terms of service of Instagram do not explicitly prohibit advertising;
It does, however, prohibit some nudity and sexual cues.
Despite these rules, users will share content with provocative poses, and of course, posters will also choose their most flattering pictures.
Some even use professional photographers, filters and other enhancements that are common.
\"Whatever it is that drives it all.
Business, sex, comparison (
Themselves to others)—
The truth is, none of this is new, \"said Robert Weiss, a licensed clinical social worker at Elemental behavioral health in Long Beach, California.
He specializes in forced sex online.
\"The ability to do it on such a large scale and the ability to do it on its own is just a way (rather)
It\'s fresher than having to be published in a magazine or on TV.
Some fitspo posters say they are responsible for their followers.
\"They want what you have,\" Arias said . \".
\"When you have followers of this type, you are responsible for everything you say. \"The face (and glutes)
Almost 1.
4 million fans pay attention to Jen Selter (@jenselter)
Crouching for selfies and \"belfies \"(
Her ass selfie, daily. The 20-year-
The old one can attract 100,000 likes, with 1,000 comments each.
Selter began to notice fitspo at the age of 15 or 16, and Long Island locals said: \"It inspired me to exercise and look like this . \".
A few years later, life imitates art.
\"I began to take pictures in bright colors;
People I know like to see flattering photos.
I will post them (online)
My photo will appear on Instagram somehow.
She said: \"Some fitspo accounts showed her photos without asking.
Selter activated his Instagram account on March 2012.
Since then, her photo backgrounds include the gym, scenes around New York City, pool and bed.
Selter usually poses in yoga pants and sports bras, revealing a slim figure and sixpack abs.
Moderate use of professional photos with retouching, makeup and filters, but it\'s confusing (
And some explicit comments)
Surrounded by her back, she said her back was not enhanced by beauty.
\"This is very strange;
\"That\'s what I know,\" Selter admits . \".
\"I\'m famous for my ass.
\"But\" I don\'t want to be just a butt.
\"She said she was taking classes to get a personal training certification and she wanted to make a fitness video and diet plan and have her own fitness clothing collection.
She is already a paid spokeswoman for the nutrition supplement game program and says she has been accepting invitations from other big companies
Also named the company.
Her mom and dad are proud of her, she added.
\"This is no longer a problem with numbers,\" Selter said . \".
\"I never expected millions (followers).
Why not if I can continue?
But now it\'s not just Instagram, because Instagram is nothing --
It\'s just about social media.
Bottom line: reselling.
The trademark Superman of Celtic
Like posing, leaning forward, as if flying, with arms stretched out and one leg lifted behind her.
Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian)
@ Kimkardashian: 12 million followers on Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez.
@ Jlo: 941,500 followers)
Her role model, fitness master Gillian Michael (
@ Jillianmichaels has 57,500 followers on Instagram.
Backup Instagram account with Selter (@jenlselter)
With more than 56,000 followers.
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