on a post-christmas health kick? here’s the best supermarket workout gear you can pick up with your weekly shop from just £4.99

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-01
After the Christmas holiday, many of us will go to the gym with our tail this week.
Struggling to feel passionate about becoming active?
It often helps you update your workout wardrobe.
If you want to look at this section without spending a lot of money, check out your local supermarket.
Stores like Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury all have some great fitness equipment with no expensive designer price tags.
From sports underwear to leggings, tops and sneakers, there are a wide variety of fashion items in stores and online.
This is our turn.
You can get the best work gear at the weekly shop.
Lidl\'s Crivit fitness range brings you a cool range of sportswear and equipment to step into the new year.
The collection has a wide variety of colors and styles and will be available for sale on January 5.
What we like most is this sports bra in size 10-
The price is 5.
99, sports trousers cut with the adies (sizes 10-20)
A bargain for £ 4. 99.
Aldi offers a great selection of sports and outdoor clothing, and there are some great options if running is your choice.
We picked their female reflective vests (£16. 99)
With their running middle tier (£14. 99)
Dyed trousers with ladies space (£9. 99).
This season, host and fitness fanatic Davina McCall teamed up with Tesco to promote their F & F event clothing collection.
We love their space dye ankle scratch leggings (£14)
Zipper with contrast sleeve
Straight jacket in black and gray (£18).
Regardless of your style, there\'s a lot to offer in Asda George\'s Sports series.
Our favorite sports products are printed sports bras (£8)
Cooperation with sports works printed leggings (£10)
A perfect combination that will restore you to £ 18.
If they are a bit too \"outside\" then \"sweat now, shine\" at the top of Logan\'s vest (£6)
Their regular black sport cropped leggings look great (£8).
Complete the look with these cool sports pieces Marl sneakers, made with miniature sneakers
The fresh technology that helps prevent the smell and increases the comfortable memory foam footbed, the price is very reasonable.
Last but not least, there are some brackets for Sainsbury\'s Tu outfit
Sell sportswear at a price that won\'t let the bank go bankrupt.
We pick the top of the Active Moisture control (£12)
Option with leggings.
If you like to stand out from the crowd, these multi-color printed campaign leggings (£14)
Combined with supporting crop tops (£10)
Could be a perfect choice.
For a more relaxed look, these gray lazy Lux joggers (£14)are a winner.
For advice on your workout and diet for the best fit, check out our exclusive Joe wkes fitness program.
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