office genie named as a finalist in two national awards

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-11
Cambridge digital marketing and publishing company Genie Ventures repeated the feat three more times after being nominated as finalist at 2016 Cambridge News Annual Employer Award --
They can still win all of them.
After a local success, the company decided to win two national awards: the Small Business Award in the UK (
Small Business of the year)
Amazon growth business awards supported by Amazon (
Best Employer of the year).
Both companies will be announced later this year, but Genie Ventures has been nominated as finalists in each company.
In addition, its website Office Genie is the most comprehensive Office space comparison website in the UK and has been named the finalists in the B2B website category in cam County Digital Awards 2016.
Ciaron Dunne, CEO of Genie Ventures, said: \"We have never really focused on winning, but we are very proud of what we have achieved in the past few years, so I think: why not just say \"like most of the things we do, the entries are in-
No house with a big budget.
Seeing in this way that our efforts are recognized on the surface value will be better proves how far the company has gone.
\"Genie Ventures has and maintains stable sites including the UK\'s longest-running broadband comparison site, Broadband Genie and popular shopping mall Crowdstorm.
It also operates its own paid search and email marketing agency, Genie Goals, which has international clients including Calvin Klein, Detroit xinola and Pixartprinting.
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