Off ramp styles at Lakme Fashion Week

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-28
Hat is a glamour free fashion week and learn some style lessons from those who have done well!
I was wearing a jumpsuit from Ezra and the tie for this statement came from Meraki.
My shoes are in the 21 st century.
Minimal, athletic and avant-garde.
You must have confidence in the clothes you wear.
This is personal style for me.
I\'m wearing Ezra\'s shirt.
Simple and comfortable bohemian style.
I suggest that you embrace the same sex.
I personally don\'t think fashion necessarily means that your clothes must be perfect.
It can be relaxed and comfortable and still looks stylish.
I\'m wearing a denim jacket in Benetton combined color, a crop top from Studio 88 and these boots-
It was a gift from my brother.
Bold, elegant and stylish.
Everyone should try to dress well and dress differently.
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