npr\'s ultimate podcast wish list for the holidays

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-12
At NPR One, it took us a whole month to make our podcast wish list, checked several times to make sure it included entertaining podcast episodes, this year, we and our audience are delighted to have been educated.
So, the gift we give you this holiday is a list full of podcasts to keep you from getting bored on a heavy-traffic plane (or in a sled)
Go to grandma\'s house.
You can hear the whole list in order here, or listen to individual episodes on NPR One or anywhere you receive a podcast.
What you want: Planet Money, NPRBe\'s \"Space 1\" to be honest, how long has space been on your wish list?
NPR\'s team of planetary currencies realized the dream with their own satellite.
Take off there and find out why it\'s so easy to leave the planet in the first episode of the series.
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something you need from the Apple podcast: conversations with people who hate me, hurt others, a guide to getting through the holidays.
Before you ruin your family dinner for every warm-up match.
Button issue, listen to host Dylan Mullen for a civil conversation with the person who followed him online.
Instead of preaching too much, he set a good example of mutual understanding and acceptance.
Listen to NPR, or download some clothes you can wear from the Apple podcast: \"XX Factor: How Sports bras change history, this is a relatively simple story of how the idea of how to make a female athlete a reality. Mind blown!
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something from the Apple podcast to read: Nerdette, author Margaret Atwood, says the \"Harvey Weinstein moment\" from wbez will last
Nerdette\'s conversation with the author of the maid\'s story won\'t make you feel better.
But this is an engaging story about what this moment in history has taught us about gender roles and relationships.
Listen to NPR or download something to eat from the Apple podcast: Sporkful, StitcherThis \"search Aleppo sandwich Pt 1 \". This is a story different from war --
One is looking for a famous sandwich maker and reminding us what is really important in Syria.
Listen from NPR One or download from Apple podcast.
Thousands, from the de facto voice \"the evolution of accent\"
The sound we hear is one of NPR\'s favorite shows.
This episode explores how we get an accent and doesn\'t disappoint us.
Listen to NPR or download something from the Apple podcast to learn: Citizen 101, \"How to amend the constitution\" from New Hampshire public RadioNow is a good time to re-learn everything you forget in high school government courses.
As a result, you cannot exceed 101 of the simple courses for citizens.
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something scary from the Apple podcast: snapshot judgment presentation: frightened, \"Lost in Time\" radio from WNYC scared is some real bone this yearchilling, mind-The story of bending
Listen to NPR, or download something about love from the Apple podcast: Loneliness: Love Story, \"Chapter 1: If not, \"CBCThis show from CBC\" is a beautiful memoir about the beginning and end of marriage.
Listen to NPR, or download something about history from the Apple podcast: Slow Burn: A podcast about the water gate event, martha, a history lover from Slytherin, will find something new on this show, asking \"if we live in another water gate event, will we know? \"?
\"Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something about the family from the Apple podcast: The family Ghost, the\" Sue\'s clue \"of the PanoplyAll family, with skeletons in their closet.
But this family doesn\'t know where its skeleton is. literally.
Listen to them solve the mystery of Grandpa\'s burial.
Listen to NPR or download a fantastic mystery from Apple podcast: reply to everything from GimletA bounty, \"Skip Tracer, Part 1\"
Hunt, the pursuit of undocumented immigrants who killed a woman\'s brother, and the realization that they are all pawns in a bigger political game.
This conspiracy is serious!
Tune in from NPR One, or download the \"US agent\" of NPRRough Translation from the Apple podcast to take you on the journey and explore how our conversations are going in different parts of the world.
In this episode, we explore the relationship between a surrogate mother in the United States and a Chinese woman with her child.
One woman wants to find contact and the other wants to cut off all contact.
Listen to NPR, or download some questions from the Apple podcast: Cult, \"Heaven\'s gate-
Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie are \"joining the cult from the ParcastWhy people?
What makes cult leaders so persuasive?
The show cult tries to answer these questions with its detailed appearance inside this notorious cult.
Listen to NPR, or download something from the Apple podcast to argue: more perfectly, WNYCIn\'s American Pendulum II, one of the most beautiful podcasts of the year, and more perfectly, as a descendant of a former slave reconciled with his master, the Supreme Court\'s De Reid Scott case became active today.
Can\'t we do it if they can?
Listen from NPR One, or download your recent obsession from the Apple podcast: Dirty John, simply put, this is One of the most addictive new podcasts of the year.
Whether you like characters or hate characters, you can\'t stop listening to this story about love, lies and crime.
Listen to NPR, or download something interesting from the Apple podcast: \"I\'m a teenager (
Other stories of holiday cheer)
\"What is more interesting from RadiotopiaWhat than drama and emotion in their teens?
Absolutely no!
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something sticky from the Apple podcast: Midnight Oil, Alaska\'s public media \"how can the eco-activists win by losing the pipeline\", for good or bad, alaska is based on the oil industry.
What is the battle to make this happen, what does this mean for the future of the people who live there?
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something enviable from the Apple podcast: Hidden Brain, \"Schadenfacebook\" that nprfeel envies friends to share photos \"--
Perfect holiday?
Understand why FOMO is so powerful.
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something annoying from the Apple podcast: \"Will you compost your body ? \"?
\"From KUOWGross!
On the question of global warming, you never thought the Earth would ask and answer.
Listen to NPR, or download something about happiness from the Apple podcast: Invisibilia, the \"emotion\" from NPRScientists begins to understand why we feel what we feel.
Invisibilia brings their unique storytelling approach to make some of the complex sciences meaningful.
Listen to NPR\'s report, or download something about peace from the Apple podcast: TED Radio Hour, nprin\'s \"forgiveness\" from the TED stage, we hear what seems to break through human forgiveness
Listen to NPR One or download from Apple podcast and have a great holiday!
For more excellent podcast suggestions, please listen to the year-end listening.
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