Nip Slips & No Panties: 10 Shocking Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-01
After Kardashian Odom suddenly revealed a little chest on Fox News yesterday, we remembered some of our favorite wardrobe glitches --
Underwear, underwear
Free party photos and Super Bowl surprises.
Of course, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have all made cuts, but some unexpected celebrities have also seen the public\'s nip slip --
Including some photos that were revealed when posing on the red carpet.
Here is our choice of the most shocking wardrobe failures. . . 1.
In 2004, when Justin Timberlake tore off her top during a halftime break, Janet\'s jewelry baby was seen all over the world.
The flash lasted less than a second before Janet put her hand on the nipple, but it was long enough to cause major drama, two singers quarreled over the incident and the FCC sued CBS for the incident. 2.
Britney Spears lack underwear: this one
In 2006, the fame of the time series flashed to the top of the pantyhose, when more than once paparazzi footage showed that she did not wear underwear.
Thankfully, the FCC did not step in and the singer was finally covered up. 3.
Tara Reid\'s Red Carpet Nightmare: The US Pieter wreck admitted she was \"smiling like an idiot\" while her left chest was exposed to the red carpet at Didi\'s 35 th birthday party in 2004
The actress said publicly that when her PR staff arrived for her assistance, she was upset that the photos continued to be taken. 4.
\"Blind\" Boobage by Paris Hilton: of course, we may not have seen the rest of the Black Bull section yet, but this special moment is very prominent.
While filming the \"Stars Are Blind\" video, Hilton was photographed rolling on the beach in purple --
When-a swimsuitoops! —
Her chest is visible to everyone. 5.
Lady Gaga\'s pop top: Dressed in a water duck wig and a black tight dress, the singer in Crazy costume was named fashion icon at the CFDA Awards ceremony in New York this week.
But when she raised her arm to take a dramatic picture of the picture, the move caused the prominence of her female character, exposing the upper body of the \"born so\" singer to the crowd. 6.
Alexandra Kerry\'s small
Former presidential candidate John Kerry has received a lot of unnecessary attention after her daughter has worn more clothestranslucent-than-she-
Black dress at Cannes Film Festival 2004.
Photogs quickly discovered that under the harsh flash, the long figure saw almost entirely through Kerry\'s entire body.
Although she is (thankfully)
Wearing underwear. 7.
Anna Nicole Smith\'s chest: when we were used to seeing the private part of the former Playboy model, the late star shocked us to remember when she was announcing G-
Phoria awards ceremony on 2004.
After falling from her shoulder on the left side of her golden dress, the reality show star was quickly obscured. 8.
Lindsay Lohan smiled: when she was frolicking in Miami\'s surf, causing the bikini top to fall, LiLo didn\'t seem to take care of it in the world.
This is notable because Lohan caught himself and smiled. 9.
Teenie Top Trouble at Kirsten Dunst: in 2005, we saw the spider --
When Mary Janis was caught by the ocean in a changing bikini top (
Not the very good one she wore in the photo above)
This exposed her upper body.
The actor\'s sense of spidey doesn\'t sting because even if she jogs from the water, it doesn\'t seem to realize that. 10.
Claire danes elegant cleavage: if so, will this one be cut off?
In 2007, Danes appeared on MTV wearing jeans and low-rise jeans.
When she leaned forward to discuss her movie Stardust, she accidentally exposed a bra --less nipple.
Nothing compared to these other train wrecks, but the tasteful actress is still a little shocked. s.
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