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nike declares 2019 its year for women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-05
London Brand Finance-
The top 50 of the world\'s most valuable fashion brands are valuation and strategic consulting companies.
While luxury brands, including watches, jewelry and fashion accessories brands, are leading in number and account for 27 of the top 50, Nike remains the leader in brand value in the fashion industry.
The sports and sportswear giant is valued at $32.
4 billion, second Zara ($18. 4 billion)
Adidas third ($16. 7 billion)in the dust.
Richard Hague, general manager of Brand Finance, praised Nike\'s \"bold marketing\" and its value --
Based on messaging as the key to its continuing to maintain the clothing first position.
Nike stands for something and it stands out.
With its iconic swoosh logo and collaboration with the world
Top-notch athletes like Michael Jordan Nike have gone from an aspiring brand-\"I want to be an athlete like Jordan\"-to an inspiring brand-\"I want to be what I can be the best athletes.
Last year, Nike had the audacity to support Colin capenik in its \"crazy dreams\" campaign, which alienated some but also inspired many others.
In any case, it is reported that its sales have increased over the weekend after the advertising was released.
This week, in a \"crazy dream\" campaign, it continues the theme, highlighting the outstanding performance of women in sports.
The ad was launched for the Oscars and will continue to host the Women\'s World Cup this summer in France, told by Serena Williams and showcasing the world
Top-notch athletes including Williams, Simon beers, Ibiza Muhammad, Chloe King, and members of the American women\'s national football team are working to achieve incredible goals.
\"If we show emotions, we are called dramatic,\" Williams said.
If we are going to play against men, then we are crazy.
If we dream of equality of opportunity.
\"Behind her narrative, the ads capture moments when female athletes are accepted or even expected among male athletes.
Williams finally challenged women to \"show them what crazy can do \".
\"2019 marks a turning point for female athletes and NikeAfter\'s support for women in sports for nearly 50 years, and as Title 9, early supporters of Rosemary St.
Vice President Claire and general Nike women explained that the company initially defined female athletes and track and field in the narrow context of team sports and personal sports (such as gymnastics, tennis and running.
But now, the company believes its role is to inspire any and all women who perform sports that are critical to their identity and self. esteem.
\"Today, we are at a turning point in women\'s participation in sports . \"
Claire wrote in a statement.
\"The definition of sports has generally expanded;
We recognize that the same lesson lies in the self
The respect and confidence brought about by participating in traditional sports also comes from yoga, boutique fitness, functional fitness and so on.
Not only do we see superhuman abilities in elite athletes, but we also see superhuman abilities in the efforts of our peers.
However, what Nike needs to help women \"just do\" empower women athletes is more than just inspiring marketing.
It needs goods, and Nike is voting to give her more of what she needs to perform at her peak.
New product development starts with research, not just market research, but scientific research.
Nike discovery team sports research laboratory combines disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics, ergonomics and system science to understand the science behind sports performance.
Since women\'s body structure is different from that of men, Nike is now fully aware of these different dynamics and designing them into products suitable for women.
An important innovation in Nike\'s global footprint in this increasingly diverse world is the launch of the world\'s first professional headscarf for Muslim athletes.
Develop and test with elite and daily headscarves-
Champion fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, dressed in an athlete\'s costume, said, \"Nike professional headscarf will help to push the dialogue between hijabs and Muslim women in the field of sports and further make sports
\"Sports Bra is another special demand for female athletes, and Nike also has this demand.
It creates a Sports Fit bra that is described as \"super
Super comfortable to adapt to \"and.
\"Its core is design technology, with special fabric, soft and flexible at low strength
Influence the activity, but become more supportive as the activity becomes more intense.
Nicole Rendone, head of bra and innovative design at Nike, described it as a way of working similar to a seat belt.
\"If you pull the front of the bra very slowly, you will feel the adaptive fabric moving with your hand,\" Rendone explained . \".
\"But if you pull it hard and fast, the fabric will resist the movement by locking and feel almost hard.
Such quality
It can\'t be high either.
Speed movement-
Is the main benefit of support.
\"Nike is also embracing active women of all sizes, offering an oversized range of 1X to 3X, as well as bras up to 44G.
At Nike\'s recent 2Q19 earnings call, Nike chairman, CEO and president Mark Parker announced that 2019 will be a year for women.
\"We believe that 2019 will become a real tipping point for women to participate in sports, participate more, cover more, and be more energetic in general.
\"Recognizing that women\'s shoes and clothing are integrated around the world --and-one-
Nike\'s EVP and CFO Andy Champion said Nike\'s EVP and men are half the size of men\'s clothing and the company reported that it only produced about 1-
The fourth part of its income is women\'s clothing.
The Nike team plans to change that.
\"Our goal is to redefine and expand the definition of sport, which is to focus on women.
Similar to the doubling of our investment in innovation, we see the potential for asymmetric returns, turning resources to our female businesses through editing and more aggressively, Champion said.
Nike\'s attention to women is producing great results.
\"Women\'s business has doubled.
The champion continued: \"The second quarter figures, but we see that by serving women more deeply in the category and on more occasions, the future growth opportunities will be
As Nike is aware of the great potential of women\'s sports and sportswear, and invests more in understanding her special needs, according to the calculation of Brand Finance, next year, Nike may even surpass the 16% increase in brand value in the past year and set aside more distance between itself and second place.
\"As athletes, elites and every day, women have an incredible momentum in sports, they lead healthy and healthy sports, while having a strong interest in sports shoes and clothing, parker exclaimed.
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