nike ad featuring woman with unshaven armpits gets prickly reactions

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-12
The comments section of Nike Women\'s latest Instagram post has grown more hairy, with singer Annahstasia wearing a black sports bra with his right arm stretched over his head --
Showing underarm without shaving
The representative of the sportswear brand, titled \"Big mood\", has since been liked more than 171,000 times and triggered nearly 6,000 comments.
Although many Instagram users are raving about Nike\'s figure
Positive ads, some descriptions of Nigeria-
The underarm hair of American singers is \"disgusting \".
The MODEL shared the story that was discovered in COACHELLA: \"I won\'t call it a night of success\", which is disgusting.
\"I know it\'s natural, but it\'s not cool,\" one critic applauded . \".
\"I bet all of you say \'Oh, it\'s natural, \'\'Oh, it\'s great,\' \'Oh, I\'m a feminist, except for your head, you dare not leave the house with an ounce of hair.
\"She needs to shave,\" said another netizen . \"
\"The only benefit is that the rest of us who are still shaving and waxing will have more men around,\" another smirked according to Yahoo\'s lifestyle.
\"How can it be a freedom not to shave off your armpit? !
A detractor was puzzled by this \"superficial\" marketing strategy.
However, fans of Annahstasia\'s underarm hair quickly attacked the criticism and defended the decision to make a natural choice. “Oh no!
\"How can a woman dare to have natural body hair,\" a supporter quipped ironically . \".
\"Some of you have not even shaved their armpits now, so please be quiet,\" said a clown.
\"This is an active human body.
Another fan agreed.
\"What is the question of nature?
\"Follow us on FACEBOOK and learn more about Fox Lifestyle News\" has nothing to do with whether you shave yourself or not.
\"It\'s about accepting everyone, whether they make some makeup or not,\" one commenter stated . \".
\"This is a deeper picture than she should shave.
This is the exact point that Nike has put forward . . . . . . These comments and testimonials of what they want to express. . .
Society is an unacceptable difference/preference/lifestyle.
Another netizen pondered: \"The reason why you are being paid is because the society tells you . \"
Nike\'s sales representative did not immediately respond to Fox News\'s comments on the Anna Costa ad.
At the same time, this is not the first time in recent months that female star\'s underarm hair has made headlines.
On November, Julia Roberts admitted that when she \"shook her furry armpits\" at the 1999 premiere of Notting Hill, she did not attempt to make a feminist statement --
Although she described natural movement as \"very interesting \".
That month, Madonna was 22. year-
According to Huffington Post, the old daughter, Lourdes Leon, came to the red carpet of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund gala with no shaving under her arms and legs.
In December 2017, when the model Gigi Hadid was filmed in Love magazine, people talked about it.
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