nightmare argentine nanny caught on camera hitting 2-year-old boy and stealing his food

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-04
A nightmare nanny in Argentina faces child abuse charges after being photographed in secret. 25-
One-year-old Eve mantalas was seen in the video wearing a pink sports bra and was recorded as giving innocent 2-year-
The old boy sitting in a high chair.
Then she ate his food coldly.
The boy\'s mother, Cristina Ceril, believes that there may be some negligence when she finds that the youngest son has bruises on his arm, and therefore, to see what has happened, she installed a secret camera at her home in the northeastern city of Parana and connected it to her smartphone.
\"We always thought she was a little lazy at home, but we never thought she was violent,\" Ceril said, according to Yahoo News . \".
Ceril\'s neighbor also warned the mother, her 2-year-
Old Man and toddleryear-
During the day, when the nanny is alone at home with the children, he often hears the old brothers and sisters screaming or crying.
\"We sometimes hear her and our son cry early in the morning,\" Ceril said, according to the New York Daily News . \".
\"Now think about what she might be doing and my blood is cold.
\"She stole my son\'s food and then hit him because he said he was hungry. She is sick.
\"The police and prosecutors are now using this video to file charges of criminal assault and child abuse against the nanny.
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