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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-01
During the Chinese New Year this year, we had the 2009 class reunion. This time, we wanted to get back the feeling of the previous student days, so we decided to customize a batch of sports uniforms that are the same as the previous school uniforms. I am responsible for this matter, and now I will I will share with you the custom-made sportswear manufacturer for the New Year's class party, so that it is convenient for friends who need to customize this kind of clothing in the future. In December last year, we started discussing in the class group that we would hold a 2009 alumni reunion in the new year, so everyone expressed their opinions and expressed their opinions and opinions on this alumni reunion. Among them, the most people mentioned It was about uniform clothing. After unanimous discussion, we finally decided to make a sports uniform that is the same as the school uniform we wore at that time as the activity clothing for this New Year's reunion. So I found a classmate who works in Ingor and asked their company to customize it for us. a sportswear. When we got the clothes, we were really satisfied. All details were made according to our requirements. Whether it was the side of the car or the zipper, they were all made very well, and they were very comfortable to create. The style was exactly the same as our school uniform at that time. , brought back a lot of our memories at once. In general, I am very satisfied with the custom-made sportswear for this class party. If you have a friend who needs to customize a batch of clothing, you can go to Ingor to see it, it is really good.
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