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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-05
How Christie Nicholas made life with children as simple as ABC as most new moms did, and how dramatic my life changed when the baby was born, it made me
Not just diapers, messy family, muffins.
Sagging chest, boring routine.
These are just the tip of the iceberg.
It\'s hard for me to get used to a bunch of things.
I think when I become a mom, I will enjoy a year\'s vacation with my kids, have coffee with other moms, have a clean home, eat at the table at six o\'clock P. M, if I want to, be prepared to continue my career at the end of maternity leave --
Because I\'m sure I can choose.
(I haven\'t realized yet that there is really no choice without the mortgage fairy.
) This is almost the scope of my vision.
You think it all sounds reasonable to forgive (on paper anyway ).
From the beginning, I was sacrificing my needs, from giving up a new bra to pay for good things for my daughter, to suspending my studies and career.
I didn\'t mind giving up on these things at the time, because like most parents, I was willing to do anything for my children, but I had to start looking back at what I did for myself, and how I am going to meet my needs while giving my kids as much as I can.
It became a juggling game.
What happened to millions of women.
Sometimes I walked down the street with a stroller for hours and shouted out my eyes.
Like all moms, I\'m working on all the problems.
After about six months, everything was clicked.
When I was completely overwhelmed by the extreme ups and downs of the typical mother, I was still happy with my future.
Why do I feel this way? the answer is simple: I found the balance.
Soon after, my best friend gave birth to a child.
She was at the beginning of the journey, crying about all the feelings I felt at the beginning.
So I decided to list for her every step I took to be a better me.
This is what I told her. . . > A is for help, all new moms should accept the invitation and ask for help when they need it.
There is no room for Pride during this time.
You are tired, you have new needs in your life, and most likely you don\'t know what you are doing.
On top of that, your mood is turbulent.
So everything takes longer and feels harder than it actually is.
Give yourself at least six to three months (guilt-free) help.
This is not only when you need it most, but also when the offer is fully launched.
After that, friends and family want you to get the hang of something, but may not offer a quote on your own initiative.
So you can use this time to rest while drinking milk.
Save your energy.
In the early days, give up any responsibility to take care of your child, or worry that no one knows them as you do, and you will feel uncomfortable.
If you think so, you will only make things more difficult.
Some days, you may feel like you are locked up at home.
If you need time-
You will ask someone to take care of the child.
Sometimes you just have to leave.
It doesn\'t mean you\'re a bad mom or you\'re ignoring your kids.
To work better, you just need to refresh your brain.
> B represents the period of the baby. Many mothers feel a lot of pressure too soon after they have children.
Just like many people feel worried or guilty.
If they do not continue to work at the same speed as the pre, they will be riddenbirth.
However, as the doctor suggested, our bodies have just experienced a major turbulence (sometimes a major surgery) and it will take at least six weeks to recover.
After giving birth, I was determined to give myself a \"baby period \".
This is basically the time to get used to having new people at home and recover from stitches and other uncomfortable symptoms.
It is also very important to take advantage of this time and keep in touch with your child without other unnecessary stress, such as cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc.
Listen to what your body is telling you and follow your intuition.
If you want to wear your pajamas for the first two weeks, do it.
Allow yourself to temporarily close from the community.
We felt the most emotional and sensitive in the first few weeks.
Entering a busy environment such as a shopping mall can easily make you feel anxious and uncomfortable.
> C is building confidence, even if you have finished all the reading in the world and have been with the baby since forever, there will be moments when you feel your confidence has been receivedDon’t give up.
Practice what you learn, follow your intuition and ask for help.
It takes time to understand how your new happiness works, and the best way to deal with settlement, feeding, lack of sleep, and changing your daily routine.
The key to being a great mother is to have yourself.
Confidence and true belief, you are stronger than ability.
Your new baby, routine and hormones will test you.
But rest assured that the more confident you are, the less stressful you are.
As a result, your child will be more calm and things will be more smooth.
Get rid of guilt when you do.
Let\'s face it, since we are mothers, we will feel guilty and/or inadequate about one thing or another for the rest of our lives.
\"I should not send him to the nursery\", \"I should feed him more vegetables\", \"I should breastfeed for longer \".
It was all in the first few months.
Just wait until they can blame us for what we did or didn\'t do!
If you find yourself feeling guilty, keep in mind that you have good intentions and being dedicated does not mean that anything negative will happen as a result.
Finally, overcome it and move on.
Sweat these little things are not worth it.
The more kids you have, the smarter you are> you are pregnant!
1st baby: wear maternity clothes as soon as you confirm your pregnancy.
2nd baby: you wear regular clothes as long as you can.
3rd baby: your maternity dress is your regular dress.
> Prepare for the first child: you practice breathing religiously.
2nd baby: Don\'t worry because you remember, last time, breathing didn\'t do anything.
3rd baby: You are required to do epidural anesthesia in the eighth month.
> Back home baby #1: You spend a lot of time staring at your baby every day.
2nd baby: you take a little time every day to see to make sure your big kids don\'t squeeze, poke or hit the kids.
3rd baby: You are avoiding your children every day.
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