new fashion iphone apps: lingerie extras at victoria\'s secret and international bra sizes

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-17
Added this week: All Access on Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show, as a Discount Calculator for your stable sales partner, and an app to find the perfect fit bra for you.
Victoria\'s Secret lingerie brand has released its own iPhone app that matches the annual fashion show (
Broadcast on December 1).
Store openings, photo shoots, back-office images and videos are now within reach, and users can even vote for the upcoming \"Angel \".
ELLE shopping guide is currently only available to readers in the United States (
San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York)
, This app provides you with the best store recommended by Elle magazine editors based on your personal preferences.
2 Sales Buddy3, percentage discount, purchase-one-get-one-free?
The new iPhone app costs $0.
99, help you calculate the quote and tell you how good the deal is. Bra-
The price is $2. 99, the Bra-
The fitter provides a measurement guide and converts your bra size to all international size systems.
Lustr fashion FinderThis is a new shopping guide for independent Retail Week, as of November 20, according to your zip code, to give fashionistas not only the inventory of city stores, nearby promotions and fashion events are also available.
Currently, free applications are only available in New York.
Baby Phat CamThe street style label turns the user into a costume
This app lets you choose the look from Kimora Lee simmons collection and try them by using the photos you upload yourself.
A series of photographs were published last year in the Dstill magazine.
Fashion and lifestyle magazines including Soon, Dansk, Vice and Interview.
Now, Dstill has adapted its shooting to the iPhone --
Their app costs $4. 99.
The KickA shoe model database is right at your fingertips.
Users can browse the latest shoe fashion and style trends through this new app (selling for $0.
99 in the US iTunes store)
Software from sk.
This app (43 ways Ian\'s lacesselling for $1.
99 in the US iTunes store)
List ways such as \"Plaid\" or \"zipper lace up\" to tie shoes outside of the standard criscross method.
Users can mix and match 43 lace-up patterns with a total of 98 possibilities.
Simple stitching provides visual and written instructions, and simple stitching provides stepsby-
Step notes for embroidery, knitting and crochet.
All instructions are stored in the application (which costs $2.
99 in the US iTunes store)
So there is no need for the Internet.
Bebebea\'s simple interface makes it easy to browse the site\'s offer, and shoppers can search and purchase items they may see in the store.
Existing online shopping carts are also accessible.
Bebe ships around the world.
The StyleCaster team sends you weather advice daily based on your current location
Suitable clothing
This real international app will also send you global fashion news and personal look released by the styleconline online community.
Fashion news is like a portable feed reader, this app (selling at $0. 99)
Compile RSS feeds and blog articles from fashion sites.
Fashion news has hundreds of pages of advice, but you can delete or add personal favorites as you like.
Fashion Girl this personal shopping device allows you to mix and match your wardrobe with what the out-of-town store offers.
It also has the wish list feature to filter new product launches according to your personal preferences.
The Italian luxury brand\'s app features push notifications for product launches and collaboration with new designers, as well as music playlists from producer Mark Longson or guchi\'s creative director, Frieda Giannini.
It also allows you to create your own music portfolio and share it on social networking sites.
For all global-style citizens, the app offers small black copies of the most fashionable restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels in 33 international cities.
The free trial version of the supermodel database litthe app has just been released with a comprehensive list of models with pictures, biographies and even measurements.
Designed for photographers, this app should also provide interesting information for all other model lovers.
Norma KamaliHaving recently revealed her new slogan \"Democracy of Fashion\" at New York Fashion Week, and the designer proved a woman of her words: with her new iPhone app, shoppers can browse her clothing collection at Wal-Mart (
About $20.
And eBay\'s new Norma camalibe collection ($250).
Camelitong is often known for its high prices.
US customers only.
Rugby Ralph Lauren lets you own this app that lets you put your face on a model, create your personal style with Ralph Lauren\'s clothes, and even customize their sweaters.
Share the new look on Facebook and make your own design.
The app is also available online in rugby. Com/make yourown.
Tommy Hilfiger (
Art & Technology Group)
One of Lauren\'s main competitors --
American brand Tommy Hilfiger has launched an app that connects virtual and virtual
Shop in-store, which means that the user can purchase the desired product online if it is not available-
Shop or check where they can try the items they encounter online. Jaeger-
Not only does lecooltrethe luxury watch maker have access to its full range, but it also invites customers to visit its \"tabulation school\" to showcase the skills of the brand\'s gems --
Standard setter and engraving.
The La LaDesigner sale on the site starts at eleven o\'clock A. M. every day and the items are quickly sold out, so there is also La Street on the iPhone now (navigate to m. ruelala. com)
For those shoppers who were not around the computer at the time.
Store all details in advance to save extra time.
Browse the contents of 30 stores, save your favorites and receive a notice of price reduction.
US customers only.
All apps are free and available through the iTunes store unless otherwise stated.
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