new balance shoe owners are lighting the sneakers on fire to protest after company \'voiced support\' for president-elect donald trump

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-04
According to reports, the owner of the New Bailun shoes after the company expressed support for the president, is throwing away sports shoes or lighting sports shoes to protest
Donald Trump was elected
After Trump\'s stunning victory, a spokesman for the company told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday: \"Frankly,
We think things will move in the right direction.
\"The short statement was adopted by the exclusive Collector of the popular sports shoe website and was angered by countless fans of the brand.
Twitter users scroll down the video, posted a quick video of their shoes being swallowed up by fire on the sidewalk, and wrote, \"I know.
I ordered a bonfire tonight. . .
Other users on social media choose to post videos where they throw their shoes in the trash can or throw them hard out of the window.
Many users have pointed out the history of the gender discrimination, xenophobia and racist statements Trump has made over the years.
With the anger brewing in Boston, owner of the New Balance sneakers
The US-based company issued another statement saying we believe in the community.
We believe in human nature.
\"From the people we make shoes to the people who wear shoes, we believe in acting with the most integrity and we welcome all walks of life.
The company told Buzzfeed on Thursday that the \"right direction\" quote just refers to the cross
Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Yes, Trump will not support any other policies.
Their support for Trump stems from billionaire businessman opposition to President Obama\'s push for the TPP trade deal, a company spokesman said he ignored it.
\"It doesn\'t seem to be because the backlash against the brand is going to subside soon as it becomes a hot topic on Twitter for hours on Thursday.
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