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[Network Dajia] Visit Guangzhou Underwear Factory Ingor Knitting Site Guidance

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-25
Today, Ali network marketing Dajia Wudoumi Wang and his party came to Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports for on-site guidance. According to Mr. Wang's actual appearance, we can make a very ordinary water cup achieve tens of millions of sales a year. Compared with our underwear factory ingorsports, we should really reflect and work hard!

In the morning, Mr. Wang of ingorsports underwear factory informed us that today we have specially invited a few well-made Dajia from Ali, Tmall and Taobao to come here. Regarding our operation of Ali during this period, you can contact us. They ask. We are also very excited. The new Ali store has also been officially launched. It has been a month since then. The biggest problem is that no one has consulted. Of course, I want to take this opportunity to get Da Jia's guidance.

Network Dajia Wang first starts from his own personal reality, and tells us that we must have a sense of network operation. As network operators, as a member of the company, we cannot become the cost of the company, and strive to make ourselves a company. Capital. He also shared his experience of starting a business and earning tuition fees when he was in college. Anyone's success is by no means accidental. It must have been through a different purgatory to succeed.

Mr. Wang also outlined his experience in online marketing of five buckets of rice water cups. From the formation of the team, to the operation of the project, to the selection of the product, to the positioning of the website style, the photo of the product, the refinement of the selling point, and the setting of the scene have undergone a series of constant changes and tests.

For example, in the selection of water cup styles, because Wang's head office does not have a physical factory, so when choosing a product style, you must find it in the market. With their previous experience in operating Taobao and Tmall, they choose the 'cute' type that is suitable for girls Therefore, they now operate the entire storefront selected by the Ali store. The decoration style and product picture style are all light-colored and cute. Each style is also consistent with the product shooting background, giving people a scene. Bring in.

In the Ali detail page, with the help of their previous experience in operating Tmall, we carefully scrutinized every selling point of the product, that is, what customers will pay attention to, bringing in scenes, and coordinating text and views. To perfection, from top to bottom, the entire page is browsed, giving people who want to buy a cup an irresistible reason to refuse.

Through Mr. Wang's wonderful sharing, combined with the current situation of Ali in our ingorsports underwear factory, Mr. Wang's suggestion, for the new store, don't be too anxious in the first few months, it must be the improvement of all basic work, including product testing and Repair certificate.

I also raised a little doubt to President Wang from my own practice. For example, how to refine the selling point of the seamless underwear produced by our underwear factory, and how to make a differentiated positioning?

On this point, Mr. Wang suggested that we should start from the excellent websites of our peers. The best way can be found through Tmall and Taobao platforms. Now, after processing, we can highlight the highlights of the products. At the same time, we should also pay attention to who our current target customer audience is, such as Taobao sellers. Then Taobao sellers may like your product very much, but they can't make a good product details page like this, so we can consider the planning pictures that are convenient for Taobao sellers to directly use our details page when designing the storefront details page.

For the new store of our underwear factory, Mr. Wang also mentioned that we can properly lead our offline customers to online to increase sales and increase the exposure of the website!

Combined with my own understanding of the network, network marketing is a project and a system, involving a series of factors such as customers, products, production, prices, services, and the environment. For example, if it involves customers and targets different target customers, then Their appeals are different and their concerns are different, so the content and presentation form displayed on the page are also different; the product includes the unique selling point of the product, the differentiation among peers, including different regions, and people's preferred styles; production includes , design and development, production capacity, quality, etc.; price involves cost control, etc.; services include a series of services such as logistics, return and exchange; the general environment is the change of the entire market. Therefore, the aspects involved in network marketing are the same as the beginning of our traditional business.

Internet marketing is not instant, it requires military perseverance, religious belief, and unremitting efforts! Need to have a deep understanding of products, understand customers, and understand peers.

Thank you very much for the wonderful sharing and patient guidance of Wang Dajia Wang. I am also very grateful to Mr. Wang from our underwear factory for inviting teachers to guide us so that we can learn and grow. Next, we will also follow the teacher's guidance from the reality, and improve the new Ali store of our Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports little by little, so as to achieve our goal as soon as possible!

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