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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-30
In addition to the well-known International Olympic Games, there is also a very national sports event in our motherland, that is, the National Games. The sports are also very national. A grand event for people of all ethnic groups in our country to have fun and compete together. In November 1953, the National Ethnic Form Sports Performance and Competition Conference was held in Tianjin. After the National Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Work Symposium held in September 1981, the State Council approved the National Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Meeting to be hosted by the National Ethnic Affairs Committee and the former National Sports Committee, hosted by local governments, and held every four years. At the same time, the National Ethnic Sports Performance and Competition Conference held in Tianjin in 1953 was retrospectively designated as the first National Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports Meeting. National Games events have become one of the more influential large-scale comprehensive sports events in the country due to their national, extensive and amateur characteristics. Like all events, national games competition clothing is also required. Ingor is a company specializing in the sports clothing group purchase industry. It has 18 years of experience in the customization of team sports clothing, supports style design, tailor-made, and can produce at the fastest speed. The best quality clothing, if you are in urgent need of group clothing, you can simply add text or logos to our styles. Our styles are originally designed by top Ingor designers, which are in line with sportswear functions and are beautiful. Features, can meet your needs for national games competition clothing! Welcome to consult! Ingor recommendation: group purchase of chorus clothing
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