#MyCalvins: Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson team up for Calvin Klein campaign

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-15
The young girl, Milly Bobby Brown, teamed up with Paris Jackson to launch a new Calvin Klein ad campaign.
The actress and Michael Jackson\'s model daughter appeared in the latest advertisement in our home.
# MyCalvins series with CK\'s favorite Lulu Tenney.
Brown, Jackson, and Tenney previously participated in the xx music video designed by Calvin Klein Creative Director Royal Air Force Simmons, and the trio followed Kardashian\'s footsteps --
The model children of the Jenner sisters, solango Knowles and Cindy Crawford appeared in our previous home AD.
\"The evolved # MYCALVINS concept is family-centric and demonstrates the unity between powerful individuals, a point further emphasized by the symbolic significance of traditional American quilts, A statement by a Calvin Klein spokesman wrote.
\"This movement captures these bonds and brings different ways to life, and we can inspire families born and born to connect with each other and celebrate what unites us. Kardashian-
The Jenner sisters are the last group in the CK spring/summer 2018 series.
Kim Kardashian and her siblings were photographed wearing Calvin Klein bras and underwear suits.
\"There\'s nothing better than working with my family!
Kim wrote on Instagram that last month\'s stunning photos went viral online.
\"It\'s a great honor to join my sisters in the new Calvin Klein underwear and Calvin Klein jeans global campaign.
Thank you, Calvin Klein.
Brown, Jackson, and Tenney showed red, white and blue in their new ad, and the actress was wearing one
Wearing a white shirt and trousers, red jeans and a matching denim jacket, Jackson chose blue jeans and a white Calvin Klein sports bra.
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