#mybojjamyrule means no rules applied

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-30
On 2018, Mihira Appender reached out to her friends and colleagues to join her in the marathon in their sports bra.
When participants are prepared and trained to maintain a positive focus on the body, Mihira wants to highlight the safety aspects of Hyderabad.
\"We\'re not looking at unnecessary attention,\" she said.
The companions and participants of the run protect us and ensure our safety.
The onlookers are not important.
Four women participated in the campaign in last November.
This year, Mihira will wear her sports bra again to participate in Pinkathon, Hyderabad, and the number of people joining her is also increasing.
More and more people stand up to support the front of the body and my body rules.
Bojja means belly at Telugu, so where is connect?
When Mihira discussed the reasons and the need to run in a sports bra, most women responded, \"but I don\'t have a flat belly,\" and \"my belly will show up.
The reason for Mihira is that this forms the best platform for \"Why should we retreat if big belly men can walk topless on Goa beach.
Mihira and her friends decided to start MyBojjaMyRule.
\"In fact, we are not runway models, so we need to accept and agree that the body with the perfect picture is not what we have always seen.
Going out to be part of Pinkathon shows that we care about our bodies.
Exercise is not always done to get the perfect figure.
Mihira\'s idea is to \"highlight the problem of physical enthusiasm\" instead of hiding in layers of clothes while running and running comfortably.
This should also be a platform for change.
Our city is a safe city. every city in our country should be like this.
We must move in the direction of making women of all ages feel safe and confident about their choices.
If a person can\'t run or jog, that\'s fine, says Mihira.
\"Put on your sports bra and support us and you will be surprised at how other runners, joggers and walkers will protect and support you.
Hyderabad Pinkathon will be held in the city from March 10.
Assembly time 5. 30 am.
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