must know information before getting a breast reduction

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-14
At present, breast surgery is the most common operation, and the demand for it is increasing.
In particular, there are a variety of breast surgery cases. breast size problems are common problems and need to be solved through surgery :-1.
You need to meet specific requirements to consider BMI 25 that you have experienced for 20 or more years, you have tried to wear a professional bra and notice a physical therapist with back pain, there is also inflammation and disease under your breasts --
Basically, only if you can prove that you really want this and have exhausted all other potential avenues.
If you decide to privatize, your doctor will still be committed to fully understanding why you want surgery and dealing with your own expectations --
This is an important process and they should be sure it is right for you. 2.
\"You might imagine that your breast reduction surgery will turn into a cup size --
For example, if you are D, then you will visit some C.
But obviously it\'s not that simple.
But when you imagine the size of your cup, you want to be flexible, because in fact, it is difficult to predict the size of the cup you will eventually get after shrinking, one of Mumbai\'s famous breast surgeons quoted this sentence. 3.
This is weak, but not based on Simon\'s pain, \"you can expect to feel some pain in the first few days after the operation, but there will be no serious pain \"--
However, keep in mind that the following effects of the operation are not the end of the operation.
Many patients say it\'s the little things that drive you out.
For example, remove the feeling of your stitching, or even the itch of the spot on your scar, although they usually indicate that it is manageable, and they also believe that it is worth it in the long run.
Oh, if you drive home, think about it if there\'s a road that\'s not too bumpy. Trust us. 4.
It will take you about six months to recover (
This is not all)
You also have to post a post
Surgical bra or sports bra after three weeks, day or night
After the operation, there is still a long way to go. 5.
Instead of bringing it to your \"dream\", you\'re trying to reduce the pain in your neck, back and shoulders and increase your happiness, not for aesthetic reasons, although many girls are more satisfied with their breasts afterwards, each body is different and you may not be 100% satisfied with their appearance.
The doctor warns you that there will be scars, and a significant reduction will change the shape and appearance of your torso, and they still have a drooping tendency over the years.
In addition, your breasts may be affected by pregnancy, weight loss or benefit, so it is worth noting that your breasts may not be the ones you always have after surgery. 6.
You may lose the feeling of nipples and there is a risk in almost any type of surgery
Disease, stain clot, allergic reaction to anesthesia
However, breast cutting is also accompanied by a range of risk factors of their own, including some or all of the sensations that fall off your nipples.
In general, the lack of feeling is temporary, but in some of the more mild cases the feeling is permanent
You usually have to wait a few years to be sure.
Sometimes it\'s possible to get hyper-
Feeling, this may be the place where there is too much feeling;
Either way, it can have a big impact on your sex life, so if you have some questions, it\'s worth talking to your doctor. 7.
This may affect your ability to breastfeed, as slower milk speeds can make breastfeeding more difficult after your surgery.
Some women even choose to wait until they feel their family is full to go to the knife.
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