musical bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-02
Music bra plays music when touch! Tools needed:-
Conductive fabric (
Stretch fabric)-
Fusion interface (
Double and single-sided-
View local fabric shops)-
Small nickel-plated seam buckle-
Conductive thread-
Foam or felt
Straight line/needle-
Cheap/used toys with multiple buttons such as keyboards (
I bought a keyboard from a thrift store for $1. 00)-velcro-neoprene (
Or other strong, striped fabric)-a bra (
Best bra with front buckle-
Unlike the sports bra used in this project, the front buckle bra will make it easier for the bra to wear and take off
This sports bra does not have enough elasticity after sewing the interface (
Later I learned about the importance of stretching conductive fabrics and interfaces)
You can also cut the front of the sports bra and roll out a velcro)-
Multiple color wiressoldering iron-solder-hot glue-
Take out your toy and open it.
If the toy is hard to open, you miss a screw somewhere.
It should be easy to open with outside prying or breaking plastic.
There are many buttons on this keyboard.
The less it is, the easier it is to confuse.
You have to find the main part you want to use to make a bra, which has the \"brain\" of the toy \".
My keyboard has a small square board with all the wires attached to it.
You can cut off the wires and throw out the other boards. -
Connect the wires and the connected batteries to each other in contact with the metal parts of the wires to produce sound.
Mark what you like and/or cut what you won\'t use.
Remember, the easier it is to connect less :)
If you need more information about understanding your circuit, you can check the third step of Plusea\'s \"wearable piano interface (
I want to make 8 different sounds from each breast.
This requires 4 connections-
Or there are 4 conductive fabrics on the bottom and 4 conductive fabrics on the top.
We put a bubble in the middle. -
Make a template for the chest Cup, of which 4 pass through and 4 go up and down (
I just use paper as a template).
There should be a gap between these components so that the circuit will not be short-circuited.
Just drop the bra you will use for this project and do your best to make a template that fits the Cup. -
Cut a piece of foam larger than your fabric button. -
Make a small hole where the button is connected.
These holes should not be larger than your little fingertips.
The larger may cause the fabric to come into contact with each other unexpectedly (
Without you pressing it)-
The holes that are too small need you to have a hard time pressing the button to connect. . .
This can be painful, ladies. -
Use your single-sided interface to cut the size of a piece of foam-
Fix the conductive fabric on the interface and then power on. -
Put the foam in the middle-
Sewing interface-
The top and bottom are like sandwiches with foam in the middle.
Instant Button! ! Now test!
Throughout the course of my work, I often test so that I can find any faults before being far ahead of myself.
Use a banana clip to connect to the wire on the keyboard board.
Press the button and make sure it is connected and you will hear the sound.
Adjust the size of the hole if you need to press hard. Does it work? GREAT!
Make one for another breast
Make sure to flip the template to mirror the first set of buttons.
Sew Your foam button in the chest Cup.
Next, we need to crop the conductive fabric strip and the double-sided interface to make the circuit bypass the back of the bra.
I think using this fabric is much faster than sewing, but you are welcome to use the wire instead of the fabric.
I did sew some parts because the area was too tight.
I highly recommend bonding all the knots with a small amount of hot glue.
The wire guide is easy to wear and relax.
Glue to ensure no contact with others, short circuit.
I highly recommend fixing the interface and fabric to the bra before ironing.
This is tragic when you lift the iron and the fabric is twisted or bent :(
No circuit path should touch or overlap with each other.
Make sure to attach a piece of conductive fabric to the button in the Cup.
Wrap and iron on conductive fabric wrap around to the center on the back of the bra.
Leave a little extra for the test.
Looks cool, a little confusing-
But all this will eventually be covered up. Now test!
Make sure the button works.
I have 4 AA batteries on my keyboard.
You don\'t need the exact amount (or type)
The battery that comes with your toy.
I decided it would be enough for 2 AA (
However, AAA will be much smaller)
It works very well.
However, you may need more batteries for your toys.
Cut the wire on the board to the battery.
Make sure they are long enough.
If not, or the wire is fragile, replace it with a stronger wire.
I used some comfortable, stretched, and not worn-out neoprene.
But you can use other fabrics if you want.
I put two batteries on the fabric and cut a piece of stuff that can be folded.
Battery at the bottom (Before you sew
Position at the bottom of the battery)
Place a piece of conductive fabric and iron on it with a double-sided interface.
It\'s just a small square, so the bottom of the battery touches it.
Sew some big wads with guide wires on the top flap to touch the top of the battery.
I also include some conductive fabric squares but you don\'t need both.
Make sure the line goes through all the time and sew the wire on the flap at the top.
Before sewing, simply bend the wire into a ring, then wrap the wire around and stitch it to the neoprene.
Fix the connection to the wire with some hot glue.
Then sew a piece of velcro on the flap so that it can be closed safely.
Ensure that flex tightly contact battery of top.
This step is optional.
My circuit has a fragile wire and is about to break.
So I rewired it with stronger wires.
Cut off the speaker wires from your toy.
Weld the top snap of the weldable snap pin onto the speaker wire.
Attach a sticky velcro (or hot glue it)
On the back of the Speaker, sew the other piece in the center of the bra (
Or wherever you want the speaker to go
Underarm is not recommended.
Sew the snap pin on the bra with a guide wire and continue the circuit on the back of the bra.
All circuit paths should not be in contact with each other.
On the back of the bra, sew on the snapshot outside the bra with a conductive thread.
Make sure the snapshot is at the top of the circuit path below.
The board will be connected here.
I will stagger the pins so they don\'t touch and short-circuit each other.
Ensure the pin is firmly fixed.
Drop a little hot glue on the thread knot on the lower side of the bra.
Cut two pieces of long enough neoprene to cover the buckle on the back of the bra and large enough for the board to sit on it.
Use velcro in a position where it is possible to easily connect the wires or glue the board to a neoprene (
So you don\'t report where the snapshot will go)
Make a loop on the wire so you can easily sew the wire to the neoprene.
Stitch the wire with a guide wire to connect it to the snap position on the back of the bra.
You must sew the top snap-in on the lower side of the neoprene to connect to the rest of the bra.
Please see the picture for clarification.
After the circuit board and snap stitch, add a small amount of glue to the thread knot.
Place another piece of neoprene on top of the circuit and sew it together around the edges.
Be careful not to break your circuit board during this process.
I have ironed the black melt in the inside of the bra so that the circuit does not touch the body or anyone else.
Easy melting using stretch.
The spot on the easy melt glue is the glue that permeates when ironing, so make sure you use small drops of glue water inside your bra, not big drops.
Connect your platform to the back of the bra.
Add a velcro to the battery pack and stick it on the back.
Connect the speakers to the front of the bra.
If the connection is not working, make sure all snapshots are connected securely.
Sometimes taking out the battery and putting it back in will restart the toy. Voila!
You have a music bra!
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